High Risk Processing

Was your Credit Card Processing application declined? Did the processor say that your business can attract too many Chargebacks? Are you facing challenges in getting a Merchant Account because of Bad Credit Score? Do you know there are many Offshore High Risk Merchant Account Providers? By using our global partnership with various Merchant Account providers we can help businesses from almost any High Risk Industry.

Echeck and ACH

Check 21 Act which came into effect on 28/10/2004 initiated new trend in the payment processing industry. Online and Retail stores can accept electronic checks as a reliable mode of payment. Merchants can take recurring payments by using check21. Start accepting electronic check payments today. Get an Echeck Payment Gateway for your Low, Mid or High Risk business at Zero Setup Fee.

Chargeback Alerts

No merchant loves fighting a Chargeback. Merchants can now get alerts in near real-time when the customer disputes a transaction. A high Chargeback Ratio can be the reason for the closure of your Merchant Account. Chargeback Alert companies use a network of card issuing banks to trigger alerts. Get a Free Chargeback Alerts account set up today to extend the life of your Merchant Account.

Low, Mid and High Risk Merchant Accounts – Credit Debit and Echeck Processing

Offering Full Range of Merchant services to business across the world.Reliable Payment Processing for National and International Merchants.High level of encryption backed by premium fraud detection and prevention techniques. We get you approved in a very limited time frame. Most of our Low Risk Merchants start processing the second day. High Risk Merchant Account approval takes 5 Days in most cases.

  • Our Global Partnership with multiple payment processing companies helps us in delivering fast and reliable solutions. We offer Low and High Risk Merchant Accounts to multiple businesses. Few of these industries are listed below. Approval is subject to the confirmation from the credit card processing company.

    • Ecommerce
    • Education
    • Schools
    • Tangable Products
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Marketing Agencies
    • Media Services
    • Real Estate
    • Web Design
    • Water Purifier
    • Air Filters
    • Logistics
    Apply now for a High Risk Merchant AccountGlobal Payment Processing Options..

Get all the Merchant Services at One location. No Setup or Upfront Charges.

Domestic and International – Affordable Credit Card Processing. Merchants can start processing Credit Debit cards on their websites. We offer free integration assistance with the payment processing solutions. ACH/Echeck/Check21/Check22/ICL/Check by Phone/Chargeback Alerts For Merchants and Payment Processors. SMB Lending and Business Funding. Merchant account approval is subject to the final approval of the payment processing company.

Business Funding for High Risk Merchants in the USA

Are you facing financial challenges? Do you need a quick financial boost in the form of Merchant Cash Advance or Business funding? We know Cash Rich lenders who can offer business funding to merchants across the USA. You may use the funding to buy pieces of equipment or open a new branch of your business. Get Flexible Repayment options to repay the loan amount at low interest.

High Risk Merchant Account Reseller Program

Add a new revenue stream to your existing business to maximize profit. Great opportunity for Web Design companies as they can upsell merchant accounts to existing customers. Offer your customers a full spectrum of Merchant Services.Up to 80% Commission split. Use the Co-Branded or Self Branded Merchant Account application. Offer Payment Processing Services to Merchants in almost every country.


Start accepting all major credit, debit and gift cards at your store and on mobile app. Get top of the Line POS systems to accept retail credit card transactions. Stay ahead of the game by accepting transaction on Apple iphones and Android tablets. Pay the Lowest monthly fees and get free equipment. Great offer for Brick and Mortar stores and all kind of small business.

High Risk Merchant Account – Application Process

The application process is very simple. All you have to do is to fill the Basic Application for High Risk Merchant Account. You can access the basic Merchant Account Application for on the apply now page.

As we get the basic information then our Merchant service consultant will contact you. The consultant will let you know about the best available solution for your industry. Before moving further you will have the expected rates and monthly fees for the solution. The consultant will also help you to identify the best way to integrate your payment gateway or merchant account. We will not ask for any setup charges – You Can get the payment gateway now as the setup fee is waived. Feel Free to ask our merchant services consultant about echeck payment gateway.

If you have any questions feel free to reach us on any of our numbers listed on the contact us page.

What is a High Risk merchant account

A merchant account is pretty much like a special bank account. Merchant Acquirers open this type of account. This account is only used to accept credit and debit card transactions. Merchants can use there own gateway or can get a gateway from the PSP or acquiring bank. There are few industries that attract high Chargebacks. The Merchant Accounts for these industry types are called “High Risk Merchant Accounts”

Chargeback Notifications or Alerts

With the topnotch near real-time chargeback notification and alerts, you can reduce the chargeback to sales ratio and also extend the life of your merchant account. There is no cost to start with this solution. You will only be billed per alerts.It is a must-have for industries like Tech Support, Credit repair, Pharmacy, Gaming and Online Entertainers.You can add multiple descriptors to the system and monitor all of them from one admin control panel.