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We are unable to support any industry or business that is illegal or violates local or international laws. We cant assist merchants in finding high volume merchant account for Adult, Pharmacy, Cryptocurrencies, Cigarettes and others – basically the ones which are prohibited by card and payment schemes. Below mentioned are few of the many industries that we can not support. Few of the following industries may apply for Echeck solutions. We help in getting merchant accounts for lawfully permitted industry segments only. Our linked global payment gateway providers follow more strict guidelines. All industries listed below are prohibited for card processing solution as none of our credit/debit card payment processing partners can approve them.

  • Pharmacy
  • CBD Related Products – Not Supported
  • Replica – Not Supported
  • File Hosting – Not Supported
  • Tobacco or Smoking related products – Not Supported
  • Any Business that is illegal as per local/International Laws or Regulations.

ACH or Automated Clearing House payment processing solutions are becoming popular across the United States of America. Business owners who are struggling to find a merchant account for credit card processing can utilize this alternative payment mode. The integration is quite simple. ‘Buy now’ buttons can be created on merchant’s website and the transaction can take place in a secure environment over https protocol. Merchants that accept orders over the phone or perform a face to face transaction can submit the Account Number, Routing Number, and other information into the Virtual Terminal or Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) Terminal. The rates can be extremely low but High Risk Merchants are supposed to pay a slightly higher fee. Few Third party ACH Payment processing companies also offer this solution to Non-US merchants.

Our Team works actively with merchants from various industries. The reason why we are aggressive with the application process is that we understand the utmost importance of time. We want merchants from almost every industry to start processing as soon as possible. If an active Merchant does not process transactions for one day then it may result in a massive loss. And we don’t keep the term ‘loss’ in our dictionary. That is why our team take special care of every application. If you also want to grow, expand and earn profit in the exponentially growing online business domain, trust Quadrapay as your true companion. From merchant account to all related services, we are ready to help you. We can also guide you to get best global payment gateway providers. 

Merchant from Low Risk industry primarily look for Credit Card Processing solutions that are

  • Affordable
  • Easy to integrate
  • Quick to start or the one
  • That offers fast approval
  • Capability to accept maximum number of credit and debit card brands
  • Ability to accept ACH or Echeck Payment Processing as an alternative mode of payment
  • Zero set up charges for
  • Extremely low set up charges
  • Zero or low monthly charges
  • Virtual terminal or Mail order telephone order(MOTO) option

We are proud of our partnership with multiple payment processing companies spread across different countries. Most of our payment service providers prefer to work with merchants from low risk industries. Most of the times these merchants can be approved by the payment service providers in less than 48 business hours. You can easily start your online business and step ahead to grow and prosper. By following international laws and ethics, our team ensures safety and stability of our solutions for your specific business model. 

An ideal Low Risk Merchant should process transactions of a total monthly value less than $20,000 to $25,000 every month. Merchants with a small average ticket size are also given preferences by the credit card processing companies. We strongly recommend all businesses that accept credit card transactions in USA to use chargeback alerts and notification service. It can help them to reduce the return level and maintain less than 1% chargeback ratio (most of the times in case of Merchants from specific industries).

In case if your application has been declined by multiple domestic payment service providers then you can certainly try applying to offshore payment processing companies. We work with multiple payment processing companies and global payment gateway providers.

If your selling common tangible product from a physical location where the customer’s handovers the credit or debit card to you for processing then most of the times the payment service providers will consider you as a low Risk Merchant

Common Industries that may be considered easy to approve are

  • Brick and mortar stores
  • Pizzeria
  • Salon
  • Retail Magazine Store
  • Departmental Store
  • Hospitals/Doctors Clinic
  • Schools.

Merchants from all the industry have to go through a strict underwriting process by the underwriting team and the risk team at the payment service providers location. They look at multiple factors while approving you for a merchant account. These factors may include checking your credit history & your financial standing by comparing your business bank statement and your personal bank statement. We strongly advise all merchants to send all the information that is requested by the payment service provider in the Merchant account application.

A merchant account is pretty much like a special bank account but with online money accumulation repository. Merchant acquirers open this type of account to facilitate online payments. This account is only used to accept credit and debit card transactions. Merchants can use there own gateway or can get a gateway from the PSP or an acquiring bank. There are few industries that attract high chargebacks. The merchant accounts for these industry types are called “High Risk Merchant Accounts”. The transaction rates and charges of high risk merchant accounts are higher than low risk accounts.

Be the part of a global business. Sell Merchant accounts across the world. We offer reliable long term earning opportunities to companies in the field of web design. With our reseller program you can generate long term residual earning by assisting your customers with domestic and international payment processing solutions. Our team will work hand in hand with you when it comes to getting the merchant onboarded. We welcome interested partners from almost every nation. We believe in growing together and achieving success. Quadrapay with its merchant account solutions is ready to help 24/7.

With the topnotch near real-time chargeback notification and alerts, you can reduce the chargeback to sales ratio and also extend the life of your merchant account. There is no cost to start with this solution. You will only be billed per chargeback alerts. It is a must-have for industries like Tech Support, Credit repair, Pharmacy, Gaming and Online Entertainers. You can add multiple descriptors to the system and monitor all of them from one admin control panel. Chargeback alerts not just help you reduce the cost factors of your online business but also helps you stabilizing the merchant account over a longer period of time. Having higher chargeback ratio may lead to suspension or even shutdown of your merchant account. The experts from Quadrapay are ready to help you resolve the issue. You can fill an easy online application on quadrapay.com or send an inquiry at [email protected]. You can also reach our 24/7 helpline on +1 63183 21773.


We are sure that our association with global payment gateway providers will help you to easily find the most reliable offshore high risk merchant accounts. It is unfortunate to see merchants from low risk industry being considered high risk just because of credit score. Paying a slightly higher fee to an offshore processor may help you to at least start accepting orders.

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