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Secure Payment Processing for National and International Merchants.

High level of encryption backed with premium fraud detection and prevention techniques. We get you approved in a very limited time frame. Most of our low risk merchants start processing the second day . High Risk approvals take up-to 72 Hours in most cases.

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Our Solutions Work Globally - Almost Every Nation and Every Currency 24/7 Payment Processing Global Solutions.

Merchant Accounts For Casinos

Legal Casino Merchants can enjoy low transaction rates with faster payouts.

Merchant Accounts For Gaming

Get the best available Transaction Rates when you process sales on your Gaming App or Websites.

Merchant Accounts For Online Businesses

Faster Setup and Easy Integration Solutions available for Low risk Online Stores and Businesses

Merchant Account for Schools

Robust Payment Processing solution for educational institutions like Schools and Collages.

Merchant account for Nutraceutical products

Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts are available for International Merchants

Merchant Account For Digital Goods

You want to sell Digital Downloads or Digital Goods . We will get you approved.

Credit Card Processing / E-Check Processing / Charge-Back Prevention/Business Funding

Your Perfect Merchant Account and Financial Solution Partner

“Payment Gateway with Zero Setup Fee Waived. The Setup Fee is waived for many business types.The online business model is growing very fast all over the world and we we want to be connected with as many merchants as possible”

Our Premium Solutions

Affordable Credit Card Processing

We offer affordable credit card processing solutions to Domestic and International Merchants.Merchants can start processing Credit Debit cards on there websites. We offer assistance in integrating the payment processing solutions.

Check by Phone

Check by phone or Echeck is a revolutionary payment method. There are 2 ways in which the merchant can accept payments. Either the Customer can type in all the required info on a ssl payment page available on merchants website or the customer can call the merchant and share the details. The solution provider is USA Based.

Chargeback Protection For Merchants

Chargeback protection service for merchants offer peace of mind to the business owners. The Merchant gets alerts regarding disputes. This solutions helps the merchant to keep the chargeback percentage in-control and also helps in maintaining good relation with the buyers.

SMB Lending / Business Funding

Does you small business need an angel investors. We are connected with the best business lenders who offer business borrowing and business cash advance services.If you have a good business plan and the investor finds your business promising we might be able to get you connected.

Supported Industry Type

Approval Ratio of The Merchants in Specific Categories. Subject to The Final Approval of The Payment Processing Company.
E commerce Merchant Accounts – 98%
Merchant Account for Schools – 96%
Merchant Accounts for Web Design Companies – 82%
Merchant Accounts for Computer Store – 91%
Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses – 93%
Merchant Account for Non Profits – 66%
Merchant Account for Churches – 41%
Merchant Account for Automotive Industry – 89%

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Credit Card Processing Solutions to Advance Your Business.

We Get Most of the Merchants Approved - Even High Risk.

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