Crowdfunding Merchant Account

Crowdfunding Payment Gateway By Quadrapay

Crowdfunding merchant accounts are considered High Risk because they may attract high returns and chargebacks. It is the core reason why most of the payment gateway companies avoid working with merchants from this industry. WHY CROWDFUNDING MERCHANT ACCOUNTS To expand the business entrepreneurs need funding. To convert an idea into reality funding is required. Traditionally […]

QuadraPay Offers Tier 1 Quality Merchant Services For Skin Care Products

credit card processing for skincare businesses

Get Tier 1 Merchant Services For Skin Care Products With QuadraPay. Apply Today. Getting a merchant account for the cosmetic and skincare business has become extremely difficult. The primary reason behind this challenge is that many websites claim that their products make a difference in skin color and tightness. These claims are not medically validated […]

Contractor Merchant Account

credit card processing for contractors

Credit Card Processing With Contractor Merchant Account. General contractors whether residential or commercial do offer their services to all kind of clients. These clients may be small in size or may be large organizations as well. General contractors play a crucial role in the growth of the infrastructure of any City. Small organizations evolve into […]

QuadraPay Offers Casino Merchant Account With Tier 1 Features

Casino Merchant Account By Quadrapay

Now Accept Credit Debit And Prepaid Cards With Casino Merchant Account A Casino merchant account can accept credit, debit, and prepaid cards on the online casino website. Merchants can accept payments in various currencies from multiple nations. Our casino payment gateway solution offers a very high transaction success ratio and can onboard merchants from multiple […]

QuadraPay Offers Bad Credit Merchant Account. Apply Today.

Bad Credit Merchant Account - Quadrapay

Get A Bad Credit Merchant Account That Is Reliable And Cost Effective. You focus on business, and QuadraPay experts will get you a merchant account. With many years of experience, QuadraPay now offers Bad Credit Merchant Account. Apply today to accept credit and debit cards online and at retail stores. You Are Not The Only […]