Merchant Account For Book Stores

book store pos

Merchant Account For Book Stores With Quadrapay Merchant Classification Code 5942 (MCC) applies to merchants who are in the business of selling these products. Entrepreneurs selling New and Used Books. Printed Magazine Sales. School/College/Educational books. Recorded Books also known as Audio Books. Printed Paper Calander. Printed Paper Based Journals. Political and Geographical Map/Atlas. Top Of […]

Timeshare Merchant Account

timeshare merchant account

Timeshare Merchant Account With Quadrapay The timeshare industry is not new. It has been operating for many years now. These timeshare companies a perfect choice for frequent travelers. These companies have got special arrangements with different resorts, hotels and accommodation properties across the nation and sometimes in different countries as well. These companies are very […]

Ticket Agencies Merchant Account

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Merchant Account For Ticketing Agencies If you are in a business selling tickets for plays, sporting events, museums, concerts or other kinds of entertainment events, it’s highly likely that you will need a process to accept payments through your website. It goes without saying that you will accept payments only for things fulfillment of which […]

QuadraPay Offers Tech Support Merchant Accounts

Tech Support Merchant Account

Now Easily Get Tech Support Merchant Accounts. Domestic And Offshore Solutions. Tech Support Merchant Accounts are available for startups and experienced merchants. The Global sales of Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones are increasing by great numbers with the developments in technology and science. It means that there are more computing devices than earlier. It also […]

QuadraPay Brings Pharmacy Merchant Accounts At Low Transaction Fees.

online pharmacy merchant account

QuadraPay Offers Pharmacy Merchant Accounts With Advanced Features. The traditional approach of accepting payments for medicine sales has changed. Now pharmacy merchants prefer to accept credit and debit cards. Pharmacy POS machines are common to find in almost every city globally. These pharmacy merchant processing options offer transaction acceptance for credit cards, debit cards, wallets, […]