What Is An Echeck And ACH Processor?

what is an echeck and ACH processing by quadrapay

Electronic Check Or Echeck An Echeck is known as Electronic check. It is a digital substitute for bank paper check. Echeck is commonly used for internet or web-based transaction. There is not so much difference between Echeck and paper-based bank checks. Echeck is an electronic version of a paper based check. It contains the same […]

The Next Big Thing In High Risk Echeck

The Next Big Thing In High Risk Echeck by quadrapay

Are you offering some sort of services which comes under high risk businesses? If yes, you might be very uncertain about selecting the payment options for your business. There are many payment solutions to run your business. However, there are few solutions for high risk businesses. You’ve also found that getting approved to accept credit […]

Hotel Industry And Echeck Advantage

book hotel with echeck

Hotel industry And Echeck Advantage – Quadrapay Analysis. In the hospitality industry customers prefer to use credit and debit cards but what does a hotelier wants? What is the priority of the hotelier? In this detailed article we will understand how ACH, echeck, check21 and similar solutions can actually help businesses in the hospitality industry. […]