QuadraPay Offers Non Profit Credit Card Processing With Advanced Features

Best Merchant Accounts For Nonprofits Quadrapay

Need To Accept Donations And Public Contributions. You will Need Non Profit Credit Card Processing. QuadraPay Brings To You Non Profit Credit Card Processing. Accept all major credit and debit cards from 100+ nations. Get the card processing solution for online and face to face donations. An advanced and fully compliant NGO payment gateway is […]

Mobile Merchant Services For Small Business

Mobile Merchant Services For Small Business Quadrapay

Low Cost Mobile Payment Processing For Small Businesses. Mobile Merchant Services Are Vital For Small Businesses. Mobile Merchant Services For Small Businesses are vital because usually there are less number of employees in these firms. Every small business wants solutions that are portable and can be moved easily from one place to another and also […]

Gym Merchant Services

Gym Merchant Services Quadrapay

QuadraPay Offers Fitness Credit Card Processing with fast setup and highly advanced functionality. Our solutions are capable of delivering exceptional gym payment processing services. We currently offers gym merchant services in US, Canada, UK, EU And India.

Payment Acquirers

Payment Acquirers Quadrapay

What Are The Payment Acquirers And What They Do? Payment acquirers are generally Financial Institutions who collects the debit cards or credit cards payments that are being done at the point of sale of the retailer and then aggregate them. After the payments aggregating (which can also be done by a third party aggregator), these […]

Automotive Merchant Services

Automotive Merchant Services Quadrapay

Quadrapay Now Offers Robust And Low-Cost Automotive Merchant Services Automotive Industry or say automobile sector is vast and comprises many companies, sectors and organizations indulged in design, development or manufacturing or mass production of the automobile or motorized vehicle. The designed product needs to be sold across the globe. The businesses thus involved in production […]