Highly Secured Payment Gateway For High Risk Business

Payment Gateway For High Risk Business Quadrapay

Time To Gain Profits With The Benefits Of Highly Secured Payment Gateway For High-Risk Business! Business Merchants like travel agencies, CBD, nutraceuticals. Debt collections do not have several options. While choosing the payment gateway service to process credit card payments online. Getting a payment gateway for high-risk business can be a challenging task. Nowadays, It […]

Get A High Risk Merchant Acquirer In 2021 For High Volume Payment Processing

High Risk Merchant Acquirer By Quadrapay

Quadrapay Proudly Offers Robust Solutions From Tier 1 High Risk Merchant Acquirers You might hear a lot of times this word “acquirer” or an acquiring bank. Sometimes it can mean a business or corporation. Which takes over the other business by purchasing it or through any different sort of action. But in the industry of […]

Virus Free Payment Gateway – Safe And Secure To Use

Virus-free Payment Gateway Quadrapay

The Concern Of Security Lets The Demand For Virus-free Payment Gateway. People in today’s time are more concerned about security flaws and issues related to their credit/debit cards. They generally don’t give their cards to other people for payment. Customers are very much scared about the breach of security. With the COVID-19, the fears get […]

World Bank Predicts Major Crash In Global Remittance

World Bank Remittances by Quadrapay

World Bank Predicts 20% Crash In Global Remittance Which May Be More Than $445BN This year 2020, due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the global economy has slow-down to its worst, and this will result in around 20% retraction in global remittance which may be up to 445 billion dollars, as predicted by the World Bank. […]