Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone

Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone And Make Business More Smoother

In this digital payment services era, every customer prefers to pay using digital payment methods. This provides benefits to both; customers as well as the business merchant. If you are that type of business owner who travels a lot and wants to have a solution to accept payments on the move, this might be beneficial for you. Quadrapay now provides a solution that helps you to accept credit card payments on phone. This makes your regular android or IOS phone into a portable terminal. This can be used to easily accept credit cards and debit cards wherever you want to from your customers more efficiently and effectively.

How Can A Business Merchant Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone?

A business owner can accept credit card payments on the phone. This allows them to transact more smoothly and accept payments from customers more efficiently. There are several methods by which a business merchant can accept credit card payments on phone. Some of them are as follows:

  • Wireless Card Reader: This method of wireless card reader allows a business owner to accept credit card payments through portable hardware. It connects to your android/ IOS mobile device and works efficiently to process credit card payments through mobile phone.
  • Android Phone Card Reader: A phone card reader is a portable hardware which gets connected to your mobile device. This can be connected either through 3.5mm jack or Type C port. This plug and play device makes the whole process of transaction smoother. Business merchant can use the application to input all the payment details and then use the connected device to complete the payment by swiping credit cards through it. This is the most preferred android phone credit card processing method.
  • Email Invoice: This is an alternative method to accept credit card payments on phone. In this method, a business merchant uses an application to generate an electronic invoice and then send it to the customer over email. The receiving customer will see the invoice and later pay through the provided link to the business merchant.
  • Virtual Terminal: This is a simple and straightforward method to accept credit card payments on phone. A virtual terminal solution is an application where a business owner can provide the product and customer payment details and forwards it to the payment processor for further procedures. One thing that a business merchant should take care of is the active internet connection is required in order to process the transactions successfully.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) Systems: A POS system which is also referred to be a point of sale system. This method involves a manual process to process credit card payments. In these methods, a merchant can take card information from customers through the phone. After considering all the required details, all the same, data needs to feed into the POS (point of sale) system to process the transaction.

What Are The Major Advantages To Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone?

  • Lowest payment processing charges
  • Supports both credit card and debit card payment methods
  • It is easy to carry a mobile credit card reader.
  • Quick processing of credit card payments
  • Accept credit card payments On The Go
  • There are highly secured processing apps that are designed to support both ios and android operating systems.
  • This comes with a low-cost reader device in comparison to traditional terminal machines
  • It Supports both; i.e., magnetic swipe cards as well as EMV chip credit cards.
  • Easy to refund payment through the online transaction records.
  • Track your stock inventory management through the records, so that you will never run out of the regular products.
  • It provides easy to connect with your device, both wired and wireless methods.
  • Easy to understand user-friendly interface

If you still need to know more about how to apply for Quick processing of credit card payments solution, you can mail us your query at [email protected].

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