Accept Credit Card Payments

Having Difficulty To Accept Credit Card Payments? We Have A Solution For You!

In business, just like maintaining the quality product and service is essential. Having an adequate payment processing solution is also very important. The most preferred payment method right now is credit cards across every single individual. That is what makes it crucial for a business to accept credit card payments. But it can be not so easy to get the right credit card payment processing solution for your business. Don’t worry now! We at Quadrapay have made things easier for you. We provide the right processing solution according to what best suits your business needs.

What Are The Different Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments?

There are multiple methods available to accept credit card payments. Some of the most used are as follows:

  • Virtual Terminal: Virtual terminals are the website based application solution. It provides a facility to accept credit card payments details manually over the internet. This allows a business merchant to use the in-person as well on phone payment services. The business merchant will take the card details and provide the same to the terminal for further payment processing.
  • Mobile Payments: Mobile payment is generally used for the payment services that are working under the financial regulations and operate with a mobile device. With the help of this approach, a customer can quickly pay the business merchants with the help of a portable card reader. This card reader is connected to the mobile device based on android phone credit card processing. This helps a business to save a lot in terms of equipment fees. This is the best approach to accept credit card payments for a small business owner who receives few transactions in a day.
  • POS: Point of sale is also termed to be as POS. This involves physical equipment to accept credit card payments. A merchant will take the credit card from the customer and quickly retrieve the payment through swiping magnetic stripe credit cards or a wireless tap and pay credit cards. This allows a feature to generate a bill through the receipt printer for the business merchant as well for the customer.

Benefits To Choose Quadrapay For Credit Card Payment Processing Solution

We at Quadrapay are working with the team of industry experts. We help businesses that are working under low-risk merchant account processing or a high-risk credit card processing category. We understand the actual business requirements that no other payment processor does. Now you can quickly get the merchant and processing solution by filling the application. You need to fill all the required information and submit the form along with some required documents. Some of the significant facilities we provide with our merchant account services and credit card payment processing solutions:

  • Affordable processing rates
  • Point of sale solutions
  • Easy to understand the online application
  • Terminal equipment for retail stores or large scale businesses
  • Secured payment gateway under the guidelines of PCI compliance
  • Virtual terminal solution with every merchant accounts
  • Quick approval of merchant account application
  • Best in class customer tech support service

If you still need further assistance to accept credit card payments, you can reach us at [email protected].

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