Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment – Future Of Payment Processing

Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment: The New Era In The Online Payment Processing

Cryptocurrency is the new future of the payment industry. It is gaining popularity exponentially. More and more merchants in today’s time are showing interest in bitcoin payments. Cryptocurrency is a legal payment instrument and now spreading worldwide Merchants across the world are using cryptocurrency as the payment accepting methods. It has emerged as a secure and reliable means of payment. Bitcoin is a technology-driven payment instrument, and if you accept bitcoins in exchange for product and service, it shows the customer that you’re at the forefront of the development in the payment industry and financial tech. Customers love to have diversified payment options, so it attracts more and more customers to your business store. Looking to Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment method is a good choice for your business. It eliminates the risk of online fraud and helps you to accept payments seamlessly.

Why Accept Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method?

Accept Cryptocurrency as payment is a newer form of processing payment method, and offering your customer with more modern payment options is good to go. Although it is newer, however, it has a lot of advantages compared to credit card processing. Let’s discuss how it could benefit your business:

  • Increase In The Customer Base: The cryptocurrency attracts many customers worldwide. The customers who are passionate about crypto are more likely to spend and make a purchase from the store which accepts cryptocurrency.
  • Lower Per Transaction Fees: The bitter truth about small businesses or startups are they get creamed by per-transaction processing costs. The primary goal of businesses is to save money is payment processing. Cryptocurrency can be an excellent option to reduce the dissatisfaction of high processing fees. The cryptocurrency processing fees are far lower than that of credit card processing.
  • Online Fraud Protection: Cryptocurrency gives your higher layer of fraud protection and peace of mind. While paying with cryptocurrency or bitcoin, customers don’t need to fill any sensitive information or card details. Cryptocurrency payments are based on Blockchain technology which uses layered encryption to keep each and every transaction safe and secure.
  • Fast Money Flow: Credit card processing is expensive and time-consuming. Card networks take a long time to process and move money from one account to another. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, takes very less time to process the payments.
  • Non-Reversible: The best part of accept cryptocurrency as payment is that it is non-reversible transaction method. It means once the customers have made the payment, it can’t be reversed. This helps businesses to reduce notorious chargebacks.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: Cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide. Most of the businesses opt cryptocurrency processing solutions to accept foreign payments. Unlike Credit Card processing, accepting crypto payments are far cheaper to accept international payments.

Get Started To Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment Solution With Quadrapay

  • Easy Integration and setup.
  • Multi-cryptocurrency acceptance.
  • Industry Standards rates.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Compliant with security standards.
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Fast settlement.
  • 24×7 Customer Support.

If you have any query related on how to accept cryptocurrency as payments, feel free to contact us at [email protected].
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