ACH For Gym Payments. Fitness Studio Payment Solution.

Low Cost ACH Payments For USA Based Gymnasium And fitness Centers.

The fitness industry caters to the health routine requirements of millions of people across the world. Small, Medium and Large fitness centers are there in almost every city of the USA. Fitness centers and gyms across the United States of America can use ACH as a reliable mode of payment processing. Quadrapay is happy to announce that now through one of its payment processing partners in the United States of America gyms can easily accept payments for membership and monthly fees. In this detailed article, we will let you know how gym, fitness centers, martial art dojo, and yoga studios can easily accept payments online by using the services of electronic check processing companies.

Can ACH Work For Gym And Yoga Studios?

Yes! Just like small business ach processing we also have Gym ACH Payment Processing.

Today more and more gyms have started using ACH as an active mode of payment acceptance. There are multiple reasons for choosing this modern payment solution. Advanced ACH Solutions offer features like API and virtual terminal. Gym and Yoga studio owners can easily accept payments over the phone as well as on websites. Fitness centers and martial art studios can also accept recurring payments.

High Monthly Sales Limit With ACH For Fitness Centre.

Most credit card processing companies in the United States of America will cap your monthly sales volume at $ 25,000. It is the key reason why many businesses like yours are switching over to ACH.

How To Get ACH Account For Gym And Fitness Studio Payments.

We have made it very simple. All you have to do is send an email on [email protected]. We will evaluate your website and get back to you as soon as possible with solutions that will work excellent for you. Send us an inquiry and a fitness payment expert will respond to your payment query.

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