Incredible Payment Solution For Adult Business Merchant Account

Adult Business Merchant Account: Time To Gain Profits With Your Business For Adults

In today’s lifestyle and advancement in the technology of digital payment services, a business can’t operate and gain profits without credit card processing. Getting credit card processing for small business is easy to obtain with approval from various providers in the market. But for a high-risk business merchant, this can be a difficult task to get a merchant account, especially for an adult business because most of the acquiring banks and financial institutions consider these businesses too risky to operate. Therefore, it is crucial to have an adult business merchant account solution from a reputed and industry expert service provider like Quadrapay.

What Are The Important Factors To Consider Before Opting An Adult Merchant Account Solution?

There are several factors that a business merchant should consider while getting a card processing for small business or an adult business merchant account from an adult merchant service provider.

  • Do They Have Experience In Adult Business Processings?: It is advised to go with a processor who is already working with other high-risk businesses. So that they can benefit you with a better service and risk-free experience while credit card processing for adult businesses.
  • Transaction Charges: Some providers benefit you with low monthly charges, but they charge a high transaction fee. While some providers charge a small transaction fee but high monthly costs. So always check the processing pricing before opting an adult merchant account solution for your adult business.
  • Customer Support: Because you are working with a high-risk merchant account business industry, you are prone to several unavoidable problems and risks. That’s why for an adult merchant account, you should expect a best in class customer support and service available 24*7 for your assistance.

What Is An Adult Business Merchant Account For High-Risk Adult Businesses?

According to the research analysis of industry experts, The adult business and entertainment sector are one of the most profitable and booming industries. But these businesses tend to have a high risk of refunds and illegal credit card usage. That’s why it is prone to have so many potential dangers of frauds and higher chargebacks.
With the help of an adult business merchant account, you can get started to continue to accept debit card, credit card processing, echeck services and other wallet payments processing for adult business and gain more profits in return for a very nominal transaction fee. We also provide you with the benefit of a highly encrypted payment gateway under the standard regulations and guidelines of PCI compliance for an adult merchant account.

Some of the high-risk businesses are:

  • Dating sites
  • Gambling and casinos
  • Massage parlours
  • Adult content websites
  • Escort services
  • Gentlemen’s club
  • Credit transfers
  • E-cigarettes and vaping products
  • Travelling businesses
  • High tickets
  • Adult entertainment
  • Health supplements
  • Internet service providers
  • Forex or Binary

How To Get An Adult Merchant Account From Quadrapay?

We know you don’t want to be stuck in the puzzle of a lot of paperwork and approvals. That’s why we made a simple and easy to apply procedure for an adult merchant account. You have to fill the merchant application form with all the necessary details and submit the required information so that we can provide fast approvals for your adult business merchant account solution.

Documents Required To Have Adult Business Merchant Account Are:

  1. A government-issued identity like a passport or a driving license.
  2. Void Check
  3. Bank account transaction statements up to the last three months.
  4. If applicable, processing statements up to the previous three months.
  5. Employer identification number.
  6. A live and secured website where you want to trade adult products and services.

Post submitting all the documents successfully, your adult business merchant account will be verified and get approved within 48 hours. We are always happy to provide you assistance at [email protected].

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