Easy Approval Adult Credit Card Processing

Adult Entertainment: Looking For Adult Credit Card Processing Solution?

The adult entertainment industry is one of the most continuously booming sectors with steady growth. According to NBCNews, it is expected that the adult business market can gain up to 97 billion dollars in revenue. As the number of customers is increasing day by day. Merchants working in this industry of adult entertainment are usually under a lot of pressure. In fulfilling the customer’s demands. To provide them with the best product and services. To maintain the customer experience is always delightful and straightforward.

But even after going through several regulations and guidelines. Still, adult business merchants have to face several problems in terms of adult credit card processing. There are lots of processors available in the market for payment processing solutions. Still, the main issue is that most of them do not support payment processing for high-risk industries. Especially like an adult entertainment industry. Banks find it too risky to operate and some processors do not recommend it because of highly controversial content, negativity issues and the type of industry.

Why Is Adult Credit Card Processing Considered As A High-Risk Transactions?

There are several sub markets available in terms of the adult entertainment industry. Which poses several varieties of products and services. For Instance, every adult entertainment from a video to the escorting services. They all fall under the part of the adult entertainment industry. Even trading a product or service that has age restrictions using adult credit card processing along with other legal entities falls under the category of high-risk merchant activity. Adult business, along with the services that provide the subscription-based facilities. Using adult credit card processing is considered under high-risk client activities. Plus in the new era of digital payment processing services with the card, not present transactions banks generally recognize them with a high probability of transaction frauds.

Benefits Of Adult Credit Card Processing With Quadrapay

Quadrapay is working with a team of experts in the industry of merchant account services and adult credit card processing solutions. With the help of these solution, you can quickly start accepting high-risk credit card processing. Debit cards, ach processing, and wallet payments with your adult business merchant account. You will get the benefits of a PCI DSS compliance high-risk gateway for payments. To process all the credit card transactions in a highly secured and trusted environment. Unlike other processors in the industry. We don’t drag you into lengthy approval procedures for adult credit card solution. With our adult merchant account solution. You have to complete the application form with all the required information and then submit the necessary documents along with for completing the verification procedures. The whole approval process may take up to 48 hours. After successful approval, you can start accepting credit cards. And receiving payments for your adult industry business.

If you still have any doubts regarding adult credit card solutions or adult merchant accounts, you can contact us directly at [email protected].

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