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Awesome Benefits You Can Gain With The Adult Merchant Services

It is very difficult for a business to operate without accepting credit cards in today’s era and advancement in the technology of digital payment methods, primarily if you are running a high-risk business like online adult entertainment services. It’s not an easier task to get a merchant account for your business. But don’t worry, we at Quadrapay has made things simpler for you with adult merchant services.

Why Are Adult Merchant Services Considered Under High-Risk Category?

Online entertainment and adult merchant services are one of the most demanded service industries. Adult industries are prone to high chargebacks, illegal credit card usage. The age restriction and several controversial contents make it classified as a risky practice by acquiring banks and financial institutions. That makes it difficult for a merchant to get the processing solution. But we at Quadrapay provides adult merchant services solutions where you can easily accept credit cards and other payment methods. We also provide you with the benefits of a highly encrypted adult payment gateway under the guidelines and regulations of the payment card industry and data security standard (PCI DSS) compliance.
Some of the High-Risk industries are:

  • Adult content websites
  • Massage parlours
  • Forex or Binary
  • Internet service providers
  • Credit transfers
  • Online Dating sites
  • CBD Products Trading
  • Gambling and casinos
  • Health supplements
  • Travelling businesses
  • Adult entertainment
  • Gentlemen’s club
  • Online Escort services
  • High ticket
  • E-cigarettes and vaping products

Things To Be Consider Before Opting For Adult Merchant Services

There are several essential factors that a business merchant should keep in mind before selecting a processing solution for their high-risk business, especially like adult merchant services.

  • Do They Have Experience In High-Risk Industry: It is highly recommended to opt for a merchant service provider who is well experienced in high-risk processing. This industry involves a lot of riskier activities that an ordinary processor can’t operate. Quadrapay is one of the most experienced merchant account providers in terms of the low-risk merchant as well as high-risk merchant services.
  • Processing Charges: There are a lot of adult payment processors available in the market. Most of them charge a lot of fee for the credit card payment processing, especially for the high-risk industries. If you have just started selling online through an eCommerce website, then these charges can affect a lot of your business profits. But we know how much it is crucial for a small business. That’s why we provide all our credit card processing solutions at a very affordable rate.
  • Customer Tech Support Service: In rapid advancement in online services, there can be some chances that you might get stuck in some problem. That’s why a customer tech support is very much essential so that you can get your issue resolved as soon as possible. Quadrapay provides 24*7 customer support service where our expert will always be there to assist you in resolving your every query.

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