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Every small business knows how important advertising is for the growth of their business. To run a business successfully, it requires advertisement and promotion. For some businesses, it is not possible to focus on their core productivity and advertising as well. That is why an advertising company comes in a role to help businesses to kick start their journey. Advertising agency in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry as per Statista. Advertising company making good use of technology to help business. Advertising Agency offers its service for paid and to receive the payments they need an Advertising Merchant Account for settlement of funds they receive from their clients.
Are you also a digital advertiser running a campaign for clients? Then definitely you also need a payment processing solution. We at Quadrapay will help you. Stay Connected!

Who Is an Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency is sometimes simply called an ad agency, or it is also referred to as a creative agency. The advertising agencies are responsible for creating an advertisement campaign, then plan how and when to deliver the ad. They also research the target market and finally deliver all the strategy to the clients. They are also responsible for the promotion and marketing of the products of the client. They are the backend trailing power for the small business and firms.
An advertisement agency is responsible for creating creative graphics, video, content writing, email marketing etc. Apart from the creative approach, they are also responsible for the strategic approach. They make strategies based on the competitor and run a successful campaign. Advertisement agencies also do digital marketing like SEO, SMO, run Adwords and analytics.

How To Start A Successful Advertising Agency

  • Build A Business Plan: This is the very first step in starting any business. Without a plan, you would not go long. A business is not a limited time work; to stand out, you should work really hard. Make a business plan, foresight your business needs after it is on track and ready for it. Plan what you will offer, your pricing model and start working on it.
  • Choose Your Speciality: To deliver the best service, you should be very confident about a specific work. An advertising agency has tons of work like graphics designer, animation, video, content writing, SEO, SMO, running ad campaigns and more. Make yourself specialize in something that helps you to stand out from your competitor.
  • Learn As Much As You Can: To be an all-rounder in the advertisement industry, you have to have a basic knowledge of everything. Choosing a speciality doesn’t mean that you stop learning. Open your doors for everything.
  • Get your First Client: Once you learn everything, It’s time to find your first client. Build a presentation for your client and explain everything you can do for the client to boom their business.
  • Time To Work And Rock: Once you find your first client, it’s time to work for them. Never forget that your first client is crucial for you to make your impact in the market. Put all your effort to deliver the best service. Once you deliver the project, you become open to more clients.

Why Does an Advertising Agency Require a Merchant Account?

Once you deliver your project successfully, it’s time to take payment from the clients. If you are accepting payments in your agency, you need portable merchant services or virtual terminal to accept credit/debit card payments. But if you are accepting payments online through your website, you need a payment gateway that is integrated into your site and helps you to accept payments.
But the question still comes that why does an Advertising agency need a merchant account? Well, a merchant account is an account where the fund gets settled which you receive from your client. The payment gateway and POS are required to authorize payment, but you need a merchant account to settle the fund.

Is Advertising Agency Requires High-risk Merchant Account? Why?

Advertising Agency is considered a high-risk business by the payment provider or processor. The industry is flagged as high risk because it is more likely prone to chargeback. The monthly sales volume is also huge. An advertising agency has to undergo an underwriting process in which the processor evaluates the risk of the company. Every industry has different risk factors and so transactional rate. The processor evaluates the risk of the company based on multiple factor-like chargebacks, average monthly transaction volume, CNP transaction, credit history and some more factors. So get ready to have a high-risk merchant account with Quadrapay. You will really be going to enjoy the smooth onboarding process.

Are You Getting Denied By Other Processors? Don’t Worry

The bitter truth about the high-risk industries is that they face challenges to get a merchant account. As the industry is flagged as high risk, most of the processor doesn’t want to touch the application. And the one who touches is not able to provide them with a merchant account. There are very few processors who deal with the high-risk industries, but their transactional rates are very high, out of budget for the advertiser. Seeing the need of merchants, we at quadrapay have taken the initiative and partnered with many processors from US, Canada, EU and other countries to help business with various merchant services like a merchant account, payment gateway, chargeback alerts and merchant cash advance and more.

What Other Challenges An Advertising Company face?

It’s not easy to start-up any business at once. It requires guts and proper planning to survive in the open market. Some of the challenges which are common to most of the agencies are:

  • Lead Generation: lead generating is a part of building a relationship with the clients and offering them your service. The advertising business is nothing without a client. Finding the right client is a bit difficult, but the right approach removes all the hurdles in your way.
  • Quality Retaining: Quality retaining is very much necessary to stand out your business for a long time. This becomes a challenge when you have a lot of projects with a limited resource. Always ready with your resources to handle and deliver every project with Quality.
  • Finding New Talent: The challenge comes when you start booming your agency. Now it’s time to scale your business. But finding new talent is not so easy. A wrong selection may lead to big business loss or reputation loss. Find new talent very wisely.

Advertising Merchant Account – Apply Today!

As far as we have discussed many questions that might come if you are just starting up your advertising firm. Or you have faced such challenges if you are old to this industry. Anyways, it’s time to get one of the best Merchant Account for your Advertising Agency. The application process is simple and straightforward. Just fill the application form, and we will get back to you.

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