Now Android Credit Card Processing Helps To No.1 Sales!

Android Credit Card Processing Helps To Boost Sales!

As a small business owner, you might be working hard on to make your business success with a lot of profits. But to attract more new customers to your startup business and accept credit cards as a payment method, you need to accept credit card payments. Getting a credit card payment processing solution is easy, but it can get complicated for some business merchants that operate a business under the high-risk category. Android Credit Card Processing is the right solution that you must-have for your new business startup.
Getting a full-fledged payment processing system POS machine can be expensive for your initial business funding. In some cases, a physical POS system is also not that much required. For such type of business, they can take advantage of android credit card processing solutions to accept credit card or debit card payments. Quadrapay is one of the best card-processing solution providers, where we always try to provide you with the best feasible payment processing solution that meets most of your business requirements.

How To Accept Cards With Android Credit Card Processing?

In order to accept credit card with the help of android smartphone credit card solution, you need to contact a merchant service provider like Quadrapay. After approval and getting an android credit card processing solution from a processor, you are ready to accept payments from your business customers. To accept card payments, you need to connect the portable card reader to the android device. This can be either a wired (OTG) or wireless depending upon what type of card machine you have purchased. After successfully pairing up the machine with an android mobile device, you are ready to accept android credit card payments. Now whenever a customer provides a credit card for payment, you have to fill the amount and other billing details on the android application and then swipe the credit card with the card reader that is paired with the android device. Once the payment is successfully processed, a receipt is generated for the same.

What Are The Major Advantages Of Android Credit Card Processing?

An android credit card processing is the best suitable solution for a small business owner or a startup business owner. This android payment processing system allows you to save a lot of money in terms of purchasing a piece of equipment to process credit card transactions. This is useful, especially for those types of business that operates On the go services or have a lower number of credit card based payments can use an android credit processing solution for smooth and seamless payment settlement. Some of the significant benefits of android credit card processing are as follows:

  • The card reader supports magnetic swipe cards as well as chip credit cards.
  • It is a simple and smooth procedure to use a mobile credit card reader.
  • A user-friendly interface for easy and smooth operations.
  • Faster settlement of credit card payments
  • It is also easy to refund the payment if required through the historical transaction records.
  • The card reader supports both credit card and debit cards
  • Low rate processing charges
  • Easy to accept credit card payments through OTG (On The Go)
  • Low-cost card machine in comparison to traditional POS terminal machines

What Is The Procedure To Apply For Android Based Payment Processing Solution?

Applying for credit card payment processing solution with Quadrapay is straightforward. As a small business owner, you need needs to fill the merchant application with all the vital details about their business processing. Along with the merchant application form, it is required to submit KYC documents so that your application gets approved with a payment processor.

For more information on android credit card processing, you can mail us at [email protected].

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