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Australia: Overview

Officially, the Commonwealth of Australia is an independent country covering major part of Australian subcontinent. With Canberra its capital, the country is among the most advanced economies with one of the highest Human Development Index (HDI). The ecommerce market of Australia is showing wondrous growth. Australia has world’s highest urbanised population with a total of 23.9 million citizens. With an internet penetration of 86.9%, over 14 million people in Australia are online shoppers. This is a highly attractive figure for online business investors and merchants across the world. The revenue in ecommerce market in 2018 has been estimated around 11,000 million dollars. With ‘fashion’ being the largest segment, most of the online shoppers in Australia do opt for products and services from around the world. In a nation with high GDP per capita, there is extreme potential of online business to flourish and prosper. For merchants to establish themselves in Australian ecommerce market, a merchant account, payment gateway and payment processing services are essential. Quadrapay with its global outreach can help Australia based merchants to get business solutions for their online business and Australia merchant account. also has a complete array of global payment gateway providers to help you with the most suitable solution. If you have any query for Australia payment gateway or Australia merchant account, send us an inquiry on [email protected].

Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Getting an international merchant account for online business worldwide and a global payment gateway is really difficult. Industries around the world have been classified into low risk, mid risk and high risk industries. The risk factor of a specific industry is decided on basis of several standard factors. Some of these factors are stability of business, chargeback ratios, ethical and lawful practices, Profitability and other customer disputes. It is easy for low risk and mid risk businesses to get a merchant account and payment gateway for their online business, as multiple options are available from domestic and offshore service providers. The real challenge is faced by high risk merchants, as most underwriting and risk evaluating teams of domestic processors don’t allow onboarding of high risk merchants. In such a scenario, offshore merchant account providers and global payment gateway providers come to the rescue. If a merchant wisely opts for an appropriate service provider for his business, then the business grows better profit.

Merchant account for Australia and additional services for online business

There are multiple issues faced by merchants with client based in Australia and Australian merchants having global online business. Multi currency processing and payout settlements in local currency are some of those important concerns. Payment options are also very crucial for online merchants in Australia. From credit/debit card, prepaid card, wire transfer, online banking, mobile wallet to Echeck and ACH, merchants with more payment options and multiple currency processing options have high chances to earn exponential profits and grow further. Moreover, Australian merchants with client base in the USA have options to use Echeck as a payment alternative. Specifically for high risk merchants, it is safer to use Echeck and ACH because it helps in keeping the chargeback ratio below the prescribed limits. Australian merchants also need chargeback alerts and notification service. As this service helps in reducing the chargeback ratio by alerting the merchants in near real time.


Whether it be credit/debit card processing or Echeck and ACH payment options, Australian merchants with global business outreach can avail support from Quadrapay to get best in class services for their merchant accounts and payment gateways. For business funding or merchant cash advance facility, we have our expert team ready to help you establish your business. 

We, at Quadrapay, ensure that our client merchants get the most suitable online payment processing solutions for their specific business model. We also excel in catering to high risk merchant account solutions and Echeck payment options for US based merchants. For chargeback alerts and notifications service also, Quadrapay has dedicated service facility. With its wide network connection with global processors and acquirers, Quadrapay can help merchants from any industry segment to get best-in-class solutions for their online business. For further guidance, visit or send us an inquiry on [email protected]. Our 24/7 helpline on +1 63183 21773 is also active to help merchants throughout.