Austria Payment Gateway

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Credit Card Merchant Accounts In Austria

The total GDP of Austria is around 734 billion US dollars and the GDP per capita is roughly 45000 USD. Even though Austria has been among the richest countries in the world but the GDP is still expected to grow dramatically. Austria is a country with such high potential that nearly 5 million E-Commerce users contribute average revenue per user of 1500 US dollars. The total E-Commerce revenue is over 4.4 million USD as of now and fashion is still the leading product category in e-commerce Austria. Austria merchants should specifically plan their online business in order to maximize their profits. Global Payment Gateway in Austria is also a crucial factor for merchants having business in domestic segment or International segment. It is easy for low risk and mid risk Industries to get a Austria Payment Gateway, but the payment processing solutions for high risk merchant accounts is really difficult.

Why It Is Hard To Get A High Risk Payment Gateway In Austria

Because of the excessive risk involved in high risk industries, most of the underwriters avoid granting clearance for merchant accounts to high risk merchants. For Austria payment processing and payment solution, Merchants should rely on offshore service providers and Global Payment Gateway providers. Once Austrian merchants have a merchant account for their online business, they should try to keep the chargeback ratio within the prescribed limit of 2%. This is advised because, as per the Quadrapay experts, Exceeding the chargeback ratio can lead to temporary Suspension and installation of a merchant account or even result in complete shutdown.

Quadrapay Makes It Easy To Get A Merchant Account In Austria

Quadrapay has deeply rooted connections with European Union based PSPs ( Payment service providers) to help merchants in getting Austria Payment Gateway along with additional services for their specific business model. Various payment options available in the market like credit/debit card processing, wire transfer, E-wallet, Echeck and ACH, etc. can be used by Austria merchants. Echeck payment option is available only for plants based in the United States of America. Apart from that, this is a well-established fact that having more payment options increases the online business positively. Merchants in Austria can also and enroll for chargeback alert and notification services. This will help them reduce the chargeback ratio on their merchant account.

Austria offers liberalized regulations to foreign direct investment companies. World-Class infrastructure and business-friendly norms make Austria a perfect location online and retail businesses. Online and Retail companies in Austria prefer to accept credit and debit card transactions are the primary mode of payment acceptance. To accept Credit and Debit card transactions, they require merchants accounts and Payment Gateways.

Credit Card Payment Processing Modes And Payment Gateways In Austria

1. Card Present Transaction

The most common mode of payment processing in Austria is card present transactions. Merchants accept credit and debit cards by using point of sales terminal also known as POS Terminals. The customer gives the credit or debit card to the merchant for swiping. Once the credit card is swiped over the terminal, the transaction is approved provided the card has enough balance.

2. Card Not Present(CNP) transaction or e-commerce transactions

E-commerce merchants in Austria accept credit card transactions through their websites. E-Commerce merchants may also require Virtual Terminal also known as VT. The transaction process is simple. The customer visits the merchant’s site and selects the products. After picking products, the customer clicks on the checkout button. On the checkout page, the customer types in the necessary details that include the following.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Credit Card information with Expiration date and CVV/CVC

The payment gateway validates the transaction information. After validation, the transaction information is sent to the acquiring bank. The Acquiring bank sends this information to the Card Brand. The Card Brand decides whether the authorization has to be given by the card brand or the card issuing bank. Based on the response from the card brand or the card issuing bank the website displays approved or decline message.

International Payment Gateway and Merchant Account in Austria

Austria is becoming a preferred destination for international companies. These companies sell their products to buyers located in different parts of the world. These international companies require global merchant account that offers multi-currency acceptance. With an International merchant account, the merchant can readily accept transactions from customers based in European Union and also outside of the European Union. To name a few places where Austrian merchants sell to are The United States, Latin America, Asia and many other parts of the world

ACH and Echeck Payment Processing for Austrian Merchants.

Many companies located in Austria sell products and services to clients and buyers in the United States of America. These companies can empower their businesses by utilizing the alternative mode of payment processing. One of the most common alternative mode of payment processing in the United States is ACH and Echeck. Many third-party ACH Payment processing companies in the United States offer services to non-US merchants as well. Austria based merchants can get services from these third-party ACH payment processing companies

Chargeback and Fraud reduction for Austria based merchants

No matter where the merchant is chargebacks and fraud do appear. To maintain a healthy relationship with the acquiring bank or payment service provider merchants must try to reduce the chargeback and fraud ratio. Simple steps can help Austrian Merchants in retaining the chargeback ratio under the prescribed limit of the payment processing organization. Merchants can also use Chargeback alerts and notifications services to reduce the chargeback ratio.

Contactless Payment Processing in Austria

In the world of Smartphones contactless payments are becoming extremely popular. People prefer to add their credit and debit cards to mobile payment applications like Android Pay, Apple pay, and Samsung pay. Merchants in Austria must upgrade their payment processing capabilities to the latest standards. provides assistance to merchants across the world including Austria in finding cost-effective payment processing options. To get more information about reliable credit and debit card merchants accounts for Austria, we request you to email us on [email protected] You can also fill the contact form, and we will get back to you and suggest you the best possible options. We work with multiple acquiring companies in the European Union. Quadrapay can recommend solutions to merchants from most of the industries. High Risk merchants struggling to get a credit card payment processing solution for Austria based business may get a reliable High Risk merchant account. We recommend you to contact us so that we can evaluate the possibility of assisting you.

About Austria And Its E commerce Industry

The federal Republic of Austria is located in Central Europe with the population of nearly 9 million people. The country which has been ranked consistently as one of the richest countries in the world on the basis of GDP per capita is growing even faster these days. With Vienna its capital, Austria has a larger population residing in the urban areas and most of the people having access to internet technology. Austria has been one of the most stable and recognized member of the European Union. Austria is highly industrialized country with a large proportion of service sector. Not just the industry but tourism is also stronghold of the Austrian economy. The scope of e commerce and online business is having huge potential in Austria. Whether it be business within the country or delivering products and services globally, merchants from Austria have almost limitless potential. Getting a Austria Payment Gateway is not that difficult a task but getting an appropriate one is really necessary. Quadrapay has been the path leader in guiding European merchants to get most comprehensive solutions at the most competitive prices. For further information, simply log onto You can send us an inquiry on [email protected] or call our 24/7 customer care on +1 63183 21773.