Quadrapay’s Best Credit Card Merchant For Small Business Is An Easy Task. No Hard And Fast Rule.

In today’s time, all merchants want a credit and debit card processing solution. But many do not get the right solution because there are so many solutions in the market for Best credit card merchants for small businesses. They cannot understand which is right for them. A business without a credit card merchant is just like a ship without its rudder. In order to improvise the business to the next level, every small business or industry should have a merchant account for credit card processing. The business must look forward to such a credit card processor that should be easy and flexible to use because customers always prefer to grow their relationship with those merchants who showcase easiness and security. Thus, we understand your association with your customer is equivalently essential and therefore we at Quadrapay, make sure that at the cheaper and affordable transaction fees merchant account is provided.

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Quadrapay Brings Low Cost Credit Card Processing Services For Your best Small Businesses

  1. High-Risk Merchant. High risk is an industry in which the transmission volume is very high. This type of account is not for all merchants as there is a lot of uncertainty in it. It is challenging to get a merchant account of this type, but Quadrapay is able to get you this service. There are many sectors that are high risk like CBD, Hemp Oil Merchant Account, Adult Entertainment, Dating Site Merchant Account, Casino Merchant Account, Online Poker Merchant Account etc.
  2. Low-Risk Merchant. It includes those industries whose transmission volume is low. Small business also comes in low risk. It is easy to get approved within 1-2 day.
  3. Offshore Merchant Account. It is a type of another merchant bank account which is established in a non-resident country. For easy to understand, suppose a person lives in one country, but the bank does not give a merchant account to him/her. They try to get a merchant account to another country where they can easily get this. Local providers may not be given the solution to accept high-risk payment. But in other countries, they may approve accounts after the complete document verification.
  4. Chargeback Alerts. It performs a very vital role in the card industry. This tells how you can save your merchant account status from deteriorating. It also helps you to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  5. ACH & Echeck. Quadrapay offer ACH and Echeck at a lower rate and also you may get this solution within a day as well. This solution has an easy interface and fast settlement process.

Documents Required for your Small Business Credit Card Gateway

To start processing you collect all these essential documentation. You want further information related to Documents required in opening a merchant account click on it.

  • Business Documents
  • Means of Identification
  • Utility bill
  • Application Form
  • Void check
  • Cover letter
  • Processing Statements
  • Business Financial Statement

Still, you have any inquiries in your mind associated with Services, documents you can mail us at [email protected]. We are always ahead to help you.