Best International Merchant Services That Empowers Your Business To Grow Globally

Say Yes To Global Currency With International Merchant Services.

There are hundreds of payment instruments to choose from, but to choose the best merchant service depends on the business requirement and customer’s experience. Are you looking to collect international payments for your business? Have your customers asked you to pay in foreign currency? Are you in Dilemma how to accept cross border transactions? If you are running a business, then you must have faced all these problems. You are not alone to face these challenges. Many merchants want to accept foreign currency. Every business has the right to expand their business globally. But how? How can a merchant be able to do a cross border transaction? In the article “A vision for the future of cross-border payments” it has stated how tremendous will cross-border transactions grow. It anticipated that there would be around 6000 billion number of Cross-border transactions will be done by 2024. If you are a business who also wanted to dip their hand in the pool of opportunity in the international market, you must opt for one of the Best International Merchant Services. An international merchant account will cover most of your business needs. Cross border transaction is a one-stop solution to grasp the opportunity in the global marketplace.

International Merchant Account That Empowers Your Business To Grow Globally

An international merchant account is what makes your business free from cross border restriction. The eCommerce businesses are the most benefited from international merchant services. It helps eCommerce businesses to accept credit/debit card payments from various parts of the world across the globe.
As you start processing, there may be cases that you may experience foreign compliance issues or your business may undergo high-risk categories because the international market involves a large volume of transactions and even chargebacks. But there is nothing to worry! We at Quadrapay have overcome all your challenges in payment processing. We covered most of the merchants from low to high-risk industries. We help you to get merchant services that can fulfil most of your needs. An international payment gateway allows the business to authorize and process payments in various parts of the world across the globe. Keeping in view the needs of merchants, we have partnered with processors from the USA, Canada, EU, and other global countries. Our processors help you to quickly set-up internal merchant services and ensure the solution is security compliant that empowers you to succeed and thrive.

Features Of International Merchant Account With Quadrapay

  • Best Affordable Rates: Our rates are transparent, and we onboard you with prices as low as possible.
  • Easy To Integrate Payment Gateway: The gateway integrates with your existing website in just a few clicks. We covered all the eCommerce stores like WordPress, woocommerce, Magento, 3dcart, Opencart, Prestashop and other cart providing platforms.
  • Robust Multi-Currency Gateway: The multi-currency gateway helps you to receive payments in all major currencies. Your customer will pay you in their local currency, and you fund settled in your local currency.
  • Virtual Terminal For MOTO Payments: Do you come across situations when your customer asks you to pay via telephone or fax? The situation is more likely with many of the business. With a virtual terminal, you can process the credit/debit card payments over the phone or mail. A merchant can also process echeck or ACH payments.
  • Fraud Protection: Built-in fraud protection helps to secure credit and debit card transactions. It helps to keep your business safe and protect from the data breach.
  • 24×7 Customer Service: We believe that customer service is always the priority. With our outstanding support, you will feel supported in any of your issues.

If you are looking to expand your business, go ahead! As a saying “International business, once allowed to stalk uncontrolled, killed the local, the small, the quirky.” So it’s time to acquire new customers with international merchant services. Quadrapay lets you get onboard faster. Apply today with us. We help you to get covered with all your payment processing needs.

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