Best Merchant Account For Online Business That Really Works

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Best Merchant Account For Online Business Quadrapay

Merchant Account For Online Business

Looking for one of the Best Merchant Account For your Online Business can be overwhelming. The situation may be more frustrated to the merchants who have just startup their online business. There are cases we came across when merchants didn’t know about a merchant account. Well, this doesn’t matter that you are a startup or small business or you have prior knowledge about a merchant account. The fact is that every business needs a merchant account to process payments online. Sourcing, one of the best Merchant Account, starts by analyzing your business requirement and budget. There is no simple answer that who is best. We at Quadrapay give you some quick guidelines that help you to find a processor that can best fulfil your business requirement. Always choose a payment processor who can meet your retail shop requirement to your online business.

Guidelines To Choose Best Merchant Account Provider For Online Business

The choose your merchant account provider starts with your current needs and future needs. Always choose a processor who can fulfil all you need and is up-to-date with the industry standards payment solutions. Here are some quality factors you can consider before choosing your merchant account provider.

  • Fees And Rates: The first thing merchants used to consider are the rates and fees. It is oblivious that every merchant looks into fees structure before moving forward. Good approach, but only considering the fees is not right. Compare the price with the features or additional services provided by the payment processors. Sometimes, going for little higher costs can benefit a lot in your long term business goal.
  • Processing Contracts: There is an agreement between the merchant and the solution provider before onboarding. Some merchants may onboard you with a long term contract and some may month-to-month contract. It is always better to go with a monthly contract because it gives you the option to switch the processor if you get a better deal.
  • PCI-Compliant: Security always matter, and when it comes to customer’s sensitive data, don’t compromise. Always opt for a security compliant payment solution. PCI-Compliant payment solution is one of the standards in the payment industry, which secures your transaction from online fraudulent.
  • Additional Benefits And Other Factors: There are additional merchant services beyond your business requirement. And services which a merchant is unaware of and never ask the provider about it. But some additional services make sense. A merchant indeed has to pay for it, but spending a little can help you to save more in the long run. Chargeback alerts is an additional service that allows a merchant to reduce chargebacks. It is very recommended service to high-risk merchants who suffers from huge chargeback problem. Other factors that a merchant should consider are customer support, payment solution integration a and retail processing hardware if you are running a brick and mortar store.

Credit Card Processing For Your Online Business

Credit card processing is essential for online business. Every online store now and then needs to process credit/debit card payments. There are several ways a merchant can process the credit card. It solely depends on the merchant that how it accepts payments, either online or in-person or over the phone.

Payment Gateway

It is an interface between the website and the processor. A payment gateway is a software service that integrates with an eCommerce site and helps to accept credit/debit card payment online. The primary job of the payment gateway is to authorize the transaction and help to flow transactional data securely.

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal is a secure web-page that opens up in your browser window. It is an online tool that helps you to accept payments over the phone. Virtual Terminal is best for businesses who receive payments from their customers over the phone or mail.


POS System or point of sale are portable payment processing solutions that are good for your retail store. Some processor provides a solution for online business as well as a retail store. Both the merchant service aims to streamline the transactions. A POS system not only helps to accept payments but also comes with multiple services. A merchant can manage employee information, track inventory, generate an invoice and many more. If you have an online store as well as a retail shop, choose a processor who can help you with multiple services under one roof.

We at Quadrapay can be your solution for all your merchant need. We offer flexible contract with industry standards rates. If you are looking forward to credit card processing, eCheck/ACH processing, business funding or other merchant services, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Happy Processing!!!

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