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Best Merchant Processor. Quadrapay May Help You Find The Top Card Processor For Your Business.

Are you looking for one of the Best Merchant Processor? The very first question comes in mind while searching to opt for merchant service. Well! Sometimes the fight of being the best lowers the cost of the Merchant Account Services but with the necessitous service. The merchant will experience poor and inadequate services. Never ponder a service based on cost. There are other attributes which should be considered which distinguish one of the Best Merchant Processor. Here we will discuss the traits you should look to choose one of the best processors. Always keep these things in mind and ask the processor for their service and choose the right one based on several factors.

Attributes To Consider To Find One Of The Best Payment Service Provider

  • Live Or Real-Timing Reporting: A real-time reporting adds value to your business and productivity. It helps to track all your transactions and has the feature to filter them accordingly.
  • Trouble-Free Integration: Sometimes, it’s troublesome to integrate a payment gateway solution to your existing technology stack. Not every payment solution will be integrated with ease. It is recommended that  merchants ask the processor about the integration and how your payment solution will go live. Otherwise, you end up misspend a lot of money.
  • Pricing:It is the most crucial factor that every business owner looks at before considering the merchant processor. Try to negotiate with the processor but never compromise with other factors which distinguish the processor from others. We offer merchants with industry-standard rates and fees.
  • Scale-ability: Always choose a payment processor that offers you a scale-able solution. As your companies grow, you need a robust solution which can handle a large volume of transactions. If you fail to scale your payment solution, you will lose your business until you approach a new processor and get ready to onboard for a new solution. We provide solutions which can be scaled easily as your business grows without any loss in performance.
  • Fast Settlement:Different processors have different settlement frequency. Some take one business day, some take 2-3 business days, and some may even take a week to settle down the payments to the merchant. Always opt for a processor with fast or moderate settlement frequency.
  • Customer Support: This is also one of the significant challenges with processors. Some processors have worse support that you probably can’t expect. Quality support is necessary for the initial stage of integration and disputes handling.
  • Security And Fraud Prevention:A security flaw is a major challenge while dealing with a large volume of transactions. One security issue or customer’s data theft might ruin your market reputation. This might end up running your business. Never ever compromise with security. We provide solutions with 3D secure Processing and PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway services.
  • Additional Benefits:Additional benefits are like icing on the cake. We at Quadrapay offer several benefits to our merchants. We help them to have a Virtual Terminal if required. We offer Chargeback alerts and notification service to reduce chargeback ratio. Apart from these, we have a unique free SEO service which helps to boom your business.

Quadrapay Offer Ample Of Processing Solutions For A Merchant

Quadrapay takes care of everyone. We have ample solutions for different industries having different risk factors.We help to onboard merchants from most industries with ease. Our approval rate is high. The various solution we can help you with are:

Quadrapay Helps You To Get Reliable And Quality Assured Merchant Services

If you are looking for one of the best Merchant Processors, Quadrapay can help you. We have partnered with several processors from the US, EU and other global countries who offer reliable and affordable payments solutions. They provide you with a solution fulfilling all the attributes or traits we have discussed above. To get started, fill the pre-approval form onto our site, and our team will get back to you to help you better.

If you have any query, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]
Happy Processing !!!

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