Best Merchant Services For Small Business

Merchant Accounts For Small Business

Small business credit card processing should be easy and flexible. The reason why we say that is because the number of startups means the number of success stories.

A small businesses is an independently owned company that is small in size and revenue depending on the category of industry. A local store that employs 1- 20 people to handle customer needs is an example of small business. A local plastic company with a workforce of 20 personnel is also an example of small business. There are many websites on the internet that offer Guaranteed  Merchant Account. In determining the best merchant services for small business these factors must be taken into consideration, some of this factors are

  • Rate of Transaction
  • Honest Pricing
  • Termination and Cancellation Charges
  • Contract length
  • Billing and Technical Support
  • High Risk Merchant Acceptance
  • Fraud Reductions and Prevention Features
  • Online Reputation
  • Free Setup and Free POS Terminals
  • Card Not Present Transactions

  • Easy Integration with Chargeback Alert and Notification Services

After looking at the mentioned factors we have come to the conclusion the best merchant services for small businesses can be categorized into four different categories.

Qualities Of Best Credit Card Processor For Small Business

The company must offer a robust and cheap credit card processing service for small businesses, it must have provisions to enable the merchant services to accept credit card transactions in various ways like using a point of sale terminal, mobile phone, online, and tablet point of sales. The company must give a merchant account, including businesses that are considered high risk. It must have a dedicated team of customer support that operate on a 24/7 basis either through phone support, email, help desk, and live chat support.

Qualities Of Best Low-Volume Credit Card Processor Small Business

It must have a lot of available payment options that always suites its customers, this options can either be online, in person and on the go. The company must offer services to startups and small businesses. It should come with a lot of packages such as a complete POS terminal, the ability to extend credit to customers, a virtual card plan and around the clock customer support.

Qualities Of Best Online Credit Card Processing For Small Business

It should not require a merchant account. It should offer aggregated payment processing solution. This makes it easier for the merchant to start processing payments right away. It must be loaded with a lot of customer friendly features which makes the merchant arrange his/her service to their ecommerce business unique desires. The company should also boost of a customer friendly tariff plan, it should also make provision for transparent charges, this makes the merchant knows what he is paying for in other to avoid surprises during reconciliation of funds.

Qualities Of Best Mobile Credit Card Processor For Small Business

It must offer the reliable and flexible way to receive credit card payments anytime. The application process should be easy that can be set up within few minutes. It should only require the merchant services to register for an account online. The charges should be friendly for small businesses from bakeries to restaurants e.t.c

Alternative Payment Processing Options For Startups

In case if you are facing challenges in getting a credit card processing account then it will be a nice idea to look at few alternative modes of payment processing. These modes are Echeck,  ACH, Check21, and Check22.

Content Last edited on 29/01/2018