Best Online Payment Service Providers

Are You Looking For The Best Online Payment Service Providers?

Quadrapay is one of the best online payment service providers that offer you to transact online for accepting payments electronically by various payment solutions. Transaction methods, including credit cards payments and debit cards payments. There are more than 500 plus payment processors across the globe.  Payment Service Provider Merchant Account is an account that provides facility to merchants to process credit card and debit card payments through online transactions. Typically, It is an agreement between a merchant account and an acquiring bank for the settlement of transactions done. Online PSPs are best suited for small businesses that need hassle-free payment processing with complete protection of payment information against any theft and fraud-free secured transactions.

Advantages Of Taking PSP Credit Card Processing From Quadrapay?

  • Low transaction fee rates for PSP credit card processing
  • Zero Setup fee. There is no setup fee for the integration with our best payment service providers business merchant account. Many payment processing companies charge some amount, but we don’t take any setup fee.
  • No Upfront charge. We don’t take any upfront charges to process your application.
  • 24×7 customer support. If you get stuck anywhere, then you are free to contact our 24×7 customer support team. Our 24×7 customer service team definitely will help you.
  • Fast Approval of account after successful submission of all required documents.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention with our best in class next generation preventive measures.
  • Chargeback Alert services to save you from getting higher chargebacks on transactions.
  • Secure Payment Gateway with a level 1 PCI DSS compliance.

What Does An Online Payment Service Provider Do?

A Payment Services Provider connects merchants to the massive number of the financial system where they can easily accept payment via credit and debit card from the customer. It provides a connectivity network to interconnect several financial institutions, card brands, consumers and merchants.

We at Quadrapay will assist you in getting several payment options like ach payment, Echeck, Debit card payments, third party credit card processing, POS etc. You have to do nothing much more than filling the pre-approval form on our site then one of our experts will join with you and provide the best solution for your business needs.

What Is The Use Of Aggregator Online Payment Service Providers?

An online payment aggregator collects all the payments on behalf of multiple online payment service providers and negotiates with the terms of payments and settles them in the merchant’s bank accounts. Quadrapay offers aggregating with best online payment service providers.

How To Get The Best Online Payment Service Provider Merchant Account With Quadrapay?

Quadrapay is a  merchant service reseller company that is actively growing in various fields to provide best in class services. In the present era, every business owner wants to sell products and accept global payment. To receive the payment, you must have a merchant account to fulfill the transactions as we are in terms of the best online payment service providers that help your business to achieve smooth credit and debit transactions.

Documents Required For A Payment Service Provider Merchant Account

Some primary documents needed to get a Payment Service Provider Merchant account are as follows:

  • Merchant Account Application
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Company Licence and Name
  • Director’s KYC Document
  • Void Check
  • Processing History of last three months.

If you get stuck in something or require any information, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].

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