Best Payment Gateway For Ecommerce Site

Which Payment Gateway Is Best For Your Ecommerce Site?

Are you looking for one of the Best Payment Solution for your online business? Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions available to choose from. But is it the right approach? No, to choose one of the Best Payment Solution For Ecommerce Websites, you have to dig deeper. Understand your Platform, because not all the solutions are suitable for every type of eCommerce Platform you are using. Still, worried? Leave everything on Quadrapay.

We at Quadrapay makes this job easy for you. We have served many industries with different eCommerce platforms and know which payment gateway best suits your requirements.

Why Opt For One Of The Best Payment Gateway?

It is crucial to choose the right payment gateway solution for your E-commerce website. It helps you to bind your customer with your website. In an abandonment survey’s report, it is found that the reason behind abandoning a shopping cart is the quality of your gateway. A high-quality payment gateway helps you to reduce the load time of your site.

  • 5% of visitors abandoned your shopping cart for a better in-store experience.
  • 6% of visitors left due to a lack of payment options.
  • 4% of visitors left due to technical issues or checkout page crashes.

So an excellent payment gateway not only helps you to transact payments but also helps in binding your customer with your site.

Features Of Top Payment Gateway

Some of the features a Payment Gateway should have are :

  • Cost-Effective: Cost always comes first no matter what we are looking for. Choose a payment gateway that is affordable and fulfils all your business needs.
  • Speed: Speed is the main factor in serving your customer better. If you compromise with your site speed, you are compromising with your customer.
  • Encryption Standard: Encryption standards help your business to build trust with your customer. It is essential that how your gateway is handling customer’s sensitive information. It lowers the data- leakage risk and other online fraudulent activities.
  • Compatible: Make sure that your payment gateway is compatible with your technology stack or platform.
  • Invoicing Features: Many payment gateways come with inbuilt Invoice capabilities. It helps businesses to focus more on productivity rather than accountability.

Understand Your Ecommerce Platform To Choose The Right Payment Gateway

A good understanding of your eCommerce platform helps you to select the right payment gateway. Not every payment solution is well compatible with different platforms. Sometimes merchants face issues with some of the features not working with their site. But don’t worry and research a little on different E-commerce Platforms you might be working on. We at Quadrapay has a solution for almost every platform like Woo-commerce, WordPress, Magento, Wix and so on.

Quadrapay Can Help You To Choose The Right Payment Gateway For Your Ecommerce Site

Quadrapay is a reseller of various payment processors. We are experienced in helping merchants and know what solutions can be best for your business. If you are looking for one of the best Payment gateways for your eCommerce site, fill the pre-approval form onto our website. We will review your application and get back to you within 24 hrs.

If you have any query, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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