Best Payment Gateway in India for International transactions

Payment Gateway In India For International Transactions

Many Indian merchants sell to International customers. To sell their products efficiently to international buyers, these merchants require websites and payment gateways. By using an International payment gateway, Indian merchants can accept International credit and debit card transactions. Let’s quickly understand why Indian merchants need an International payment gateway. As mentioned above in this article, many merchants from India sell services and products outside India. They do this because they want to expand their business. A majority of Indian business owners are comfortable in the language of English. As they speak English well, they are in a better position to compete in the Global market. They efficiently generate sales from different parts of the world including United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and other nations.

To accept payments from these distantly located nations, Indian merchants require International payment gateways. The difference between a local payment gateway and International payment is the International payment gateway does allow cross-border credit card and debit card transactions.

Let’s go ahead and quickly understand what’s the difference between a Domestic payment gateway and an International payment gateway.

  • Domestic Payment gateway for Indian Merchants: With the domestic payment gateway merchants in India can only accept local cards that means the cardholders will only be from India.
  • International Payment gateway for Indian Merchants: With international payment gateway, Indian merchants can accept payments from international buyers that means these buyers are not from India.

Best Payment Gateway In India For International Transactions -ACH And Echeck

  • First is a local solution that is domestic payment gateway. These solutions are available with local acquiring banks in India or local payment service providers. Most of the time these solutions work fine.
  • Let’s look at the second option, and this is called offshore payment processing solutions. Just like Paypal, many international payment processing companies offer solutions to India based merchants. These companies are also considered as foreign payment processing companies primarily because these companies are located in a different country than India. These companies also offer reliable gateway services that mean the transaction security is optimum and as per the industry standards.

Lets Quickly Understand Why Indian Merchants Would Prefer To Use An Offshore Payment Service Provider.

There are multiple reasons. The first reason is the type of credit cards accepted. Most of the time Indian processors may accept well-known credit cards, but they may not accept local cards in Latin America, Japan & China. To expand the reach, merchants can request processors from these distantly located regions to evaluate merchant account application or payment gateway application. Most of the times, these international processors may help the Indian merchant in getting an international payment gateway. If the merchant starts accepting local cards, then the merchants can expect a better number of sales primarily because in many countries of the world people prefer local cards. For example, in India people prefer Rupay, In China people prefer China UnionPay. Similarly, in Latin America, there are a lot of other local card brands. As a reasonable and professional business owner, no one would be interested in ignoring the possibility of accepting local cards.

ACH And Echeck Payment Processing For Indian Merchants.

Many merchants in India have established the presence in the United States of America. They have created the presence in the US with the help of their products and services sold online. These merchants need to accept payments directly from the United States. They require a reliable USA payment gateway in India. They can either receive payment through credit debit card, or they can also accept payments to an alternative mode of payment processing that is ach check payment processing.

With ACH payment processing, Indian merchant is not required to collect the credit number on the website. This creates a sense of comfort in the mind of the United States based buyers. There are many third-party ACH payment processing companies that offer services to non-us merchants. Quadrapay can help you in contacting these payment service providers. If the merchant has got a company in Canada and also has got a company in India, then they can also use EFT payment processing solutions. EFT stands for electronic fund transfer. It is a standard option used all across Canada. Now that we have discussed most of the usual mode of payment processing that can be used by Indian merchants.

Let’s Understand Which Is The Best Payment Gateway In India For International Transaction.

To be honest with you, we are not in a position to give ranking to any gateway. The primary reason is that we do not have data to support but based on our understanding we can recommend processors to you that offer low transaction fee, faster payout, easy integration and better customer service. If your business falls into the category of low-risk industry, then we can also request India based payment service providers to evaluate the applications. In case if your industry categorization is considered as high risk and your customers are not from India then we may request high risk payment gateway providers to look at your application. To help you with the solution we would need the URL of your website and also your email address. The process of pre-approval is straightforward. We take your URL and email address and send it to responsible payment service provider company. The payment service provider looks at your website and informs us about the status of pre-approval. If your site gets to approve, then it becomes effortless for you to get a merchant account or international payment gateway for a global transaction.

Most of the times Indian merchants require international credit card processing capabilities for the following industries.

  1. Medicine Exports
  2. Tea Exports
  3. Garments and e-commerce
  4. Travel Agents
  5. Software development
  6. Seo and Internet Marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Consulting and professional services

Whatever industry you are in but it is vital for you to make the correct decision. Sometimes we get questions like What is the best gateway for tech support. Our response is the same. The one solution that offers low rates and ensures faster cash flow. Feel free to ask us for more details by calling us on +91 9643614168.

Remember, many international payment service providers do offer multi-currency transactions, and also most of the payment service providers would help you in integration as well. They may have readymade plugins available for most common CMS is like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Opencart, etc. For more information about international payment gateway in India or ACH payment gateway for India base merchants, we request you to send an email on [email protected]

Apart from Indian merchants, businesses from other countries including countries in the European Union or Countries in Asia like Thailand, Philippines, Singapore can also send their applications to us. We work with a vast range of international payment processing companies. Many of these payment processing companies require the Merchant to have an EU company. It can be easily created online without visiting the European Union. Most of the times, merchants get the company certificate within three working days. There is a page on our website that talks about how merchants in India can register EU company without a visit to Europe. We look forward to assisting you in helping you find a reliable International payment gateway for your India based business.

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