Best Payment Gateway In USA

Online Payment Gateway With USA Solution

The United States Of America has a highly developed economy. It’s the right place for entrepreneurs to start a business. The country is well known for its economy and businesses. No matter whether you are a startup or already have a business root here. Every small to big scale business needs a payment solution to accept payments from their customer. Are you also looking for the Best Payment Gateway In USA?

We at Quadrapay can help you to find one of the best payment gateways for your business or even startup. Fortunately, we have partnered with USA, EU and other global processors to help merchants to get one of the best and reliable payment gateway.

Documents Required To Apply For Payment Gateway In USA

Document verification is a vital part of building trust with the Payment Service Provider. We require some of your businesses documents to help you to get started.

  • Merchant Account Application: Merchant application is nothing but a form to get you started.
  • Incorporation Certificate: Certification of Incorporation(CoI) are legal documents describing your company formation. In the USA, CoI is used as a substitute description of a company’s Articles Of Incorporation.
  • Void Check: It is a Check that has a word VOID written over it. The cheque is not acceptable for payments, but still can be used to get information.
  • Bank Account Statement.
  • Business Account Statement.
  • Passport: A copy of a valid passport is required with your visible signature on it.
  • Past processing History: If you have processes in the past in the USA or any other place of business, helps you much to get approval for a merchant account.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Or Individual tax Identifier Number (ITIN): If you are a US citizen, we need your SSN or ITIN for non-US citizens.

Features Of Payment Gateway

A top featured Payment Gateway not only helps you to process payments but also securely transacts all the payments. In case of any issue, there should be customer support who can help you and your customer with a transactional issue. We at Quadrapay can help you to find the Best Payment Gateway In USA. Let’s talk about some of the prudent features.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Integration
  • Point Of Sale
  • Online Invoicing
  • Recurring Billing Capability
  • Compatibility
  • Adhere To Security Compliance.
  • 24x 7 Customer Support to raise any transactional dispute.

Apply With Quadrapay To Get Your Payment Gateway For Your USA Business

Let’s get a step ahead and fill the Pre-Approval form onto our site. We at Quadrapay can help you with various most effective payment solutions like eCheck, ACH, Debit/Credit card Processing, Vouchers, IBT and more. We help Businesses with one of the best solutions based on their industry type and requirements.

If you have any query, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Happy processing !!!

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