International Card Processing and USA Echeck Gateway for Technical Support Industry.

DIRECT ACCOUNTS  – FULL ACCESS  Card API Integration and Echeck Virtual Terminal


PC Support industry is a High Risk industry but many payment processors say yes to it. There are many genuine companies in this industry. The size of this industry is massive and offers great volume and growth. specializes in providing Quality Services, especially to high risk merchants. With recent development in technology, devices have penetrated further human life. Along with this, the need of Technical Support has also arisen. Tech support industry has grown multifold in the last decade. With the growth of IT industry, the requirements of support have also increased. Many aspects of this business forces processors to term it as a high risk industry. The main reason is that of online payment processing with the CNP (card not present) scenario. recommends echeck as the best solution for Tech support online payments. In this web page, we will answer the common questions about Tech Support Gateways.


To get a payment gateway for tech support you should inquire with multiple providers. You should check their underwriting guidelines and list of acceptable industries. A factor that creates hindrance in getting payment gateway is the chargeback factor. The underwriters look for the legitimacy and stability of the applicant. There should be fewer chargebacks and zero fraud cases.


The steps are very simple. Fill a simple application form and send it to us with the required KYC documents. Our Internal team will help you with the integration of the echeck gateway over an SSL website. The Accounts are generally underwritten by the processors within 72 business hours.
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  • Low Rate of Transaction/Low MDR or TDR
  • Faster Payout
  • Low Rolling Reserve
  • Less Holdback or Arrears
  • Faster Onboarding
  • Alternative Payment Options
  • Easy Integration
  • API and Plugin documentation


The complete procedure of payment through echeck comprises of various security layers. It makes it safe for the merchants to keep their money and financial information safe and secure. The verification team verifies every transaction before approving it. This includes automatic and manual verification. This verification makes echeck transaction safe. Verification process ensures the protection of the echeck payment gateway for a long time. The merchant receives payments on a weekly basis. The entire process is transparent. The merchant gets complete control of the merchant center. The payout is weekly for low volume merchants and every 72 hours for high volume merchants.

Customers visit the merchant’s website and click on the ‘buy now’ button. The customer enters the below-mentioned info on the payments page

  • Account numbers
  • Routing number
  • Billing address
  • Name of the account holder
  • Phone number
  • Amount

The system checks the account numbers, routing number and availability of the fund. Moreover, check 21 act came into force in the United States in the year 2004. It revolutionized the way check transactions work in online business.

Tech support is a high risk industry. If you run a business in this industry you need a high risk merchant account or payment gateway. The best payment gateway for tech support business is e-check gateway. Instead of credit debit card and other payment options, merchants should use echeck. Companies based in India, UK, Australia, USA and Canada use echeck as an alternate payment mode. Few of the most well-known terms for echeck are Check 21, Check 22 and electronic check solution. Other similar modes are ACH(Automatic Clearing House) and ICL (Image Cash Letter)

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The rates depend on a lot on the maturity of the business. Every financial institution wants to reduce their risk. They generate profit from the long-term accounts associated with them. Payment gateway companies prefer to businesses that attract high sales and least risk. In the case of a high risk Industry like Tech Support (MCC 7379) these processors are extra cautious.

Rates and Terms – Credit Debit Card Processing for Indian Tech Support Merchants

  • Merchant Must have a Registered Company
  • Must have a Corporate business bank account
  • Setup fees Zero $ 600 to $ 1000(Usually deducted from the first payout)
  • Monthly Fee $100 to $200
  • Weekly Wire Fee $40 to $50
  • The rate of Transaction 10% to 15%
  • Rolling Reserve 10%
  • Up to 2 Weeks
  • Only API NO Virtual Terminal or MOTO
  • For EU based processing solution merchant must have an EU company. This is very simple to get and costs less than $100. Merchants can apply online to get a UK company without visiting EU.


  • Merchant must have a Company and a Business Bank Account
  • Setup Fee Nill
  • Security deposit Up to $1500. The merchant can pay this from the first payout
  • Wire Fee $35 to $50
  • Monthly Fee Nill to $100
  • The rate of Transaction 6% to 14%
  • Arrear 1 week

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    Many payment processors are hesitant to take accept tech support business. Many merchants involve themselves in wrong business practices. This results in problems for the majority of merchants from India.

    • Many merchants don’t realize they are hurting the industry by spreading pop-ups. They should never do this. Organisations involved in these activities do not last long.
    • Some merchants use threat tactics to scare the customers and extort money in an unethical way. That is a huge setback for the complete industry.
    • Most of these companies are small and may allow others to use the merchant account. This is an illegal activity. It is Transaction Laundering and is a violation of all merchant account agreements
    • Majority of these companies are small in size and hardly have any financial strength. They may not be able to sustain the organization in case of any heavy loss or spike in returns.
    • Small organizations may not secure customers information. They have low funds and that is why customers’ contact info may get stolen.
    • Reputation Damage. Most payment processors don’t like to associate themselves with tech support industry. They want to keep their reputation as a processing company hates high risk industries

    Merchants must hire ethical team members. Information security should always be a priority. No data leakage should ever happen. Merchants must take electronic signatures of customers on a digital agreement after service. After every service customers should send an acknowledgment with the digital signatures. In case if a transaction appears to be fraud merchant should not accept the same. This comes as a responsibility of merchants to handle a situation in a legal way.

    Indian merchants may get a card and echeck payment gateway for PC support business. The usual prevailing rates as per the market norms are as mentioned above. (These rates change as per the update from the Processors. Please contact us for precise rates). Startup merchants pay higher fees. Once the merchant gets a good processing history of 6 months then rates may be revised. If applying first time for Tech Support Payment gateway then call us on +91 9643614168.

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    Yes, Merchants can accept payments from USA based customers. Echeck payment gateways are secure, transparent and reliable for the high risk businesses. Anyone who wants to enter this business domain can apply for a gateway to avail the payment option of echeck or check21. Online pharmacy companies can also use this solution very well.

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    There is no payment gateway or merchant account that offers such facility. On the ground of business ethics, every payment processor offers buyer protection. Generally, the claim period for credit card transaction is 180 days. With the echeck solution claim period is usually 30 to 60 days.


    No, all echeck gateways have return and refund provisions. The buyer can put a claim on any transaction made using the echeck payment gateway. In the check21 transaction, the claim period is a lot lesser than credit Card transaction. Chargebacks are less with echeck because of three key reasons.

    • The dispute period is less in comparison to credit card payment gateway.
    • The account holder confirms the transaction.
    • Account number, Routing number, and Funds availability is verified.

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      Merchants must hire ethical team members. Information security should always be a priority. No data leakage should ever happen. Merchants must take electronic signatures of customers on a digital agreement after service. After every service customers should send an acknowledgment with the digital signatures. In case if a transaction appears to be fraud merchant should not accept the same. This comes as a responsibility of merchants to handle a situation in a legal way.


      There are Three ways to integrate tech support payment gateway on merchant’s website.

      1. API integration
      2. HTML code embedding
      3. Integrating with plugins

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        If all the documents and compliance requirements are in place then it should not take a lot of time. The underwriters at the payment processing companies are fast. They do not want to miss even a single transaction. Generally, it does not take more than 7 to 10 days to get a credit card processing solution for IT support business. It takes even lesser time and documentation to get an echeck payment gateway. Most of the times, the approvals come within 5 working days.

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        Australia comprises the Australian Continent. Australia also comprises of Tasmania and many small island nations. Its GDP (in terms of PPP) is $1.189 Trillion and Per Capita income (Nominal) of $51,593. This nation is all set to set its global recognition as a very advanced democracy.

        Online shopping and Internet surfing has contributed to the growth of IT Sales. A Higher number of computer users mean a higher need for Tech Support companies. It the key reason why many Tech Support companies offer PC Support services in Australia. Australian Tech Support companies use payment gateways to accept payments. Customers use their Australian Credit Card on the merchant’s website.


        PC Support merchants in Australia are also called High Risk Merchants. The rates for remote support merchant accounts are higher than Low risk Merchants. Credit Debit Card Transaction rates start at 10% and can go as high as 15% depending on merchants profile.

        A low risk merchant account may be available at less than 3% TDR/MDR. High-Risk Payment Gateway for tech support may cost anything between 10% to 15%.

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        The most important aspect of any business is profit maximization. Companies hire best people to create a wonderful relationship with the clients. These clients buy services in exchange for their value that adds to the merchant’s profit. This value is the core motive behind every business. Every business wants to maximize the profit percentage and reduced the cost. Online tech support payment gateway plays a key role in increasing the profit of any company. No matter if it is a Tech support company or an e-commerce company, they save by using online payments.

        Online payment gateway must offer credit/debit card transactions at low pricing. For any business, it is vital to choose the right payment gateway company. Every acquirer will consider tech support as a high risk industry. This industry is lucrative because it is 100% service oriented. Merchants generate huge profits and that is why they pay high rates.

        At Quadrapay, we understand the pain points of every High Risk Merchant. To help the merchants we get them connected with international merchant account providers. These Payment processors are in many countries. Merchants integrate the gateway to the business website and can start accepting payments.

        We negotiate with the processor on the merchants’ behalf. We try to get best comprehensive rates.

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        Merchants must have a registered company and a corporate business bank account. The funds go to the business bank account of the merchant. The merchant should list the entire service and product range on the sales website. Refund policies and other terms and conditions should appear on the top menu of the website. HTTPS or SSL certificate is mandatory to get any tech support payment gateway.

        Businesses should ask for an acknowledgment from customers after every remote support session. These acknowledgments can help in defending chargebacks. Chargeback alert services also help merchants in reducing fraud and refunds. It also helps in extending the life of the merchant account. Low chargeback means a wonderful relationship between the processor and the Merchant. Chargeback ratio is a major factor in risk evaluation of any business. Positive reviews help merchants to create a positive image to reduce chargebacks.

        • Card Types Accepted All Major Cards
        • Recurring Billing Yes
        • Domestic USA – TDR or MDR for Credit Card Processing starting @ 6%
        • Offshore Merchant Account for Credit Debit Card Processing
        • Starting @ 10%Rolling Reserve Can go as high as 20%
        • API Yes
        • Multi-currency Transactions Yes
        • Virtual Terminal Yes for Echeck Only
        • Echeck Rates If the Merchant is USA based Starting @ 7% – No Rolling Reserve
        • Echeck for Non-US Based Tech Support Merchant Starting @ 9% 10% rolling Reserve
        • Domestic USA Credit Card processing Payouts T+2, T+3, Weekly varies depending on acquirer. A max of 1 week arrear.
        • Offshore Credit Card Processing Weekly Payout with 2 Week Arrear
        • USA ECheck Payout Merchants Get Verified Checks in 5 Minutes
        • Echeck for Non-US Merchant Weekly payout – 1 week arrear

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          Canada is a huge market for IT companies offering support to consumers. A decent population of high spenders makes this country a perfect market for PC support.

          Most merchants offer services nationwide. A good percentage of these companies also offer their services in America. The same customer service number works for both the nations. These IT Support companies advertise on the internet to generate traffic. Most of these companies accept payments by different modes like

          1. Credit Debit Card
          2. ACH
          3. Echeck
          4. ICL
          5. interac Online
          6. Vouchers
          7. Bank Transfer

          The internet and smartphone penetration is massive in Canada. Most of the people use card payments almost every time. There are other alternative options used in Canada. These are Western Union and Money Gram. Most Tech Support merchants in Canada prefer credit card and echeck transactions.

          The merchant should emphasize on finding the most suitable tech support payment gateway. They should abide by the laws and regulatory guidelines on ethical grounds to be the dark horse of the race.

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          Getting an international payment gateway for tech support business in India is becoming extremely challenging.  Unfortunately, we will have to blame few fraud merchants from this industry. About two years ago many international payment processing companies were comfortable in onboarding tech support merchants and getting a payment gateway for tech support in India was easy. In today’s scenario, most processors are entirely uncomfortable in offering payment gateway solutions to India based PC repair merchants. To be honest with you it has become extremely challenging for us to find solutions for these merchants. Profile of a merchant who may get International payment gateway for tech support business in India would be like.

          1. A company with a valid business license
          2. A company with valid Dot OSP License certificate
          3. Availability of previous payment processing statement.
          4. Previous chargeback ratio should be less than 1%.
          5. No negative reputation on the Internet about the Company, Company email, phone numbers, and the name of directors.
          6. Highly professional website.
          7. The website must have traffic coming from various sources of the internet.
          8. The company should be financially sound
          9. Low Monthly Sales Volume – Less than $20,000 Per month.

           Apart from the points mentioned above and documents payment processing companies closely look at these applications.  If the company is located in India no matter what product is being sold most of the international processors are incredibly cautious. We cannot blame the processors, but unfortunately, merchants from various categories including Tech support, Pharmacy donation NGO web design and job portals have created the general. Having said that a better alternative to the International payment gateway for tech support business in India would be ACH payment processing. As a professional merchant, you should look at automatic clearing house solution which helps you to accept payments from customers in the United States. We can connect you with responsible third party ACH payment processing companies in the United States. These companies will ask for similar documents as any Credit card payment processing company. Once approved you will be able to accept to check and ACH payments. To get more information about how to get an international payment gateway for tech support business in India we request you to send a send email on [email protected]

          Latest News Related to Tech Support Industry.

          Best Buy Connected customers can get 24/7 Support. Source 

          Charity Organisation has stated a special technical support helpline for Visually Impaired. Source

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          What kind of bank account is needed to get a payment gateway for tech support?

          You will need a business bank account to accept settlements from the payment service provider. Payment service providers will always need a business bank account. This account should be in the name of the company that has applied for a tech support merchant account. Please keep in mind that you will need to inform your payment service provider if you look forward to using a different bank account. Most of the times these PSPs do not wire funds in personal accounts. Your account should be capable of accepting international wire transfers.

          Why tech support industry struggles in getting a gateway for tech support business.

          The industry has already earned a bad reputation. It is because of many merchants who do not provide quality service but only focus on making money. This can be considered as the main reason why businesses in tech process find it extremely challenging to get a reliable gateway. Still, if you get a merchant account for your PC support business, then you must try to keep your chargeback ratio at less than 1%. The moment your chargeback ratio increases over 1% there is the high possibility that the merchant account will be terminated.

          Can I accept international card payments by using Canadian merchant account for tech support

          If your Canadian merchant account provider accepts International transactions, then there is a huge possibility that you’ll be able to receive payments from multiple countries. It may include payments from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries. Most of the times Canadian payment service providers refrain from offering solutions to technical support companies.

          Can I sell virus removal services by using credit card payment gateway for tech support?

          Anti-Virus sales and pc repair are two different things. Anti-Virus sales are considered a sale of digital goods. PC repair is a service. If you are not selling anti-virus but are only assisting customers in assuring that the anti-virus is installed correctly, then you can use payment gateway for tech support for that purpose. In case if you have your antivirus and you want to sell it, then you will need a different payment gateway. Both these services are classified in separate merchant classification code(MCC).

          Why Indian business owners find it hard to get a gateway for tech support in India.

          Indian business owners find an extremely hard to get a gateway for tech support in India because this Industries considered as very high risk industry. Most processors have already burnt their hands, and that is why they always say no. We blame few merchants from this Industry for this. These dishonest merchants are responsible for creating and negative impression about the entire industry. Still, if you run your business in the genuine way and offer reliable services to customers, then there is a possibility that a processor will onboard you. The more significant challenge is maintaining the account for a long time without high chargeback ratio.

          What kind of technical support companies exists.

          Apart from PC repair, many other lines of businesses exist in the tech support industry. It is quite common to find large organizations providing support for servers and cloud clusters. These organizations generally serve business customers. Most of the times large it service companies charge customers on an hourly basis. One example of this kind of company would be Canonical group Ltd. . They offer support for Ubuntu servers and various other Ubuntu Linux distros

          What essential elements play a crucial role in providing technical services.

          Understanding the technical issue is the vital point that can make it easy for the technicians to resolve any problem. A company in this industry should have the right set of technicians that are highly qualified. Without a highly skilled team, the survival of any company can be challenging. Data protection is also a critical factor because most of the times these companies take remote access to the customer’s computer. unethical companies may misuse the entrance which can further create challenges for the company as well as the payment processing Institution

          Can I use check gateway for tech support and data recovery services?

          Many data recovery service companies already use check gateway to accept payments from US-based customers. Cheque payments are always better than the credit cards for high-risk industries. Check Gateway comes with a virtual terminal and API. This means that the customer can give the account number and routing number to the representative. Transactions can go through without the use of credit card numbers.

          What type of credit cards can I accept.

          The type of cards you’ll be able to accept depends upon the relationship of your acquiring institution with card brand. Most of the times processors offer you the ability to take well-known credit and debit card brands. Some credit card brands may require separate approvals.

          How echeck gateway for tech support is better than credit card processing.

          Check Gateway is better than Credit Card processing especially in the case of Technical Support industry. With echeck merchants usually pay a lower transaction fee and get a faster payout. Check gateway can handle higher than 1% of chargeback ratio which is generally not available with card processors. Mostly check companies offer voice verification facility which reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks. Customers get a verification call from the processor to confirm whether they are interested in continuing with the transaction. This voice verification can help in reducing future disputes and chargebacks.

          What will be the future of tech support businesses?

          The future appears to be extremely difficult for many companies. The primary reason is that not many processors are interested in onboarding merchants from this category. In the coming months and years, it may become extremely challenging to get a Card processing account for this industry. As per our understanding soon this industry will be considered are prohibited sector if card schemes do not see lower CB ratio. Industries like credit repair and payday loans already suffer by this problem. These two industries are already shifted majorly to check gateway. The same may be the case with tech support merchants.

          How merchant account providers lower the CB ratio for tech support merchants.

          Actually, the merchant account providers monitor every account on a regular basis. The moment they realize that one account is attracting higher disputes and chargebacks then the take the executive decision and terminate or suspend the account. Some processors especially in the adult payment industry use voice verification system. They verify every transaction. This certainly adds cost to the merchant but helps the merchant in reducing the CB ratio. Some processors also use CDRN services on the Gateway which allows the merchant to get pre-dispute alerts.

          What tools are used by tech support companies.

          Most of the support companies use well-known tools like remote access tools, CRM, Survey tools and chat application to offer better services to their customers. Tech support companies should always use the licensed versions of these tools. Licensed versions of these tools help tech support companies in ensuring the secrecy of the customer’s information.

          Can I offer enterprise support services and accept card payments.

          That is one section which many PC repair companies are not touching. Apart from offering services to home users, you can also offer services to enterprise clients. In reality large PC repair company offer support to large corporations. They may have less number of clients but they make good revenue because the ticket size is always high. This brings us to another challenge of getting a merchant account with high ticket size. If the reputation of the support company is good and has substantial processing history with low CB ratio then processors may offer solutions for enterprise repair companies.

          Many of my customers are Australian can they make payments by using the pay now button.

          If your payment service provider accepts International transactions then most of the times you can receive payments from Australia. Many PC repair companies located in Canada India United Kingdom and Australia accept payments from global customers.

          What is killing the technical support industry?

          The desire to be rich immediately is the primary reason why this industry is dying. The people who are killing this industry are some of the people involved in this industry. If the PC repair company is only interested in making money but not delivering good services, then there’s a high possibility that the company will not survive for a long time. If this activity is performed by almost everyone in the industry then soon this industry will die and no processor will offer any solutions. Based on our understanding this industry has already reached the position where we can say that it is at the last stage of cancer. still, if you are getting a solution then use it wisely and always ensure that you have a meager chargeback ratio on your gateway.

          Why don’t I get an option with the daily payout?

          Many merchants insist that they need daily payout and sometimes they are even comfortable in accepting a very high transaction fee. This is not possible. Merchant account providers do not offer daily payout for this kind of industry. Apart from PC repair, they do not provide settlements on an everyday basis for most of the mid and high risk Industries including online dating, credit repair, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and fantasy sports. They offer delayed payouts because they need to reduce the credit risk. Of course, if you develop a long relationship with your processor and your processor likes your processing statement, then you may request a reduction in the arrear.

          I do not take remote access but only offer phone consultation. Can I use the gateway?

          Many companies offer support over the phone. Most of the times these companies provide support to GPS devices and mobile phones. These companies are usually not able to take remote access. Certainly, these companies can use payment gateway for tech support.

          Can I get a virtual terminal?

          The answer to this question in most of the cases in the clear no. The virtual terminal adds a massive amount of risk to the processing Institution. A processing company may offer a virtual terminal to an e-commerce merchant with excellent credit history, but they will undoubtedly say no to someone from PC repair industry or remote tech support industry. If a customer is interested in revealing the credit card information on the phone, then the customer can also submit the information on the merchant website. Why do you need a virtual terminal? Why do you want to attract even more risk on your account? Use the API integration and accept payments on your website. Almost the entire E-Commerce industry uses API integration and hosted payment page.

          Bankim Chandra

          Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.


          CHINTAK RAJ · July 3, 2017 at 9:39 pm

          We are looking for an international Virtual terminal payment gateway for our call blocker campaign.

            Quadra Media · July 28, 2017 at 7:09 am

            Dear Chintak,

            We understand that you do need a Merchant Account for Call Blocking Devices. Yes we can help you with the same .

            I will request you to email us you website so that we may send you the application form and take it further. Please Click on Apply Now Button.

            Many Thanks
            Happy Processing

          Sharry Myers · November 9, 2017 at 10:17 pm

          We are looking for a High Risk Merchant account for credit card processing and Echeck Processing /

            Bankim Chandra · November 11, 2017 at 1:28 pm

            Dear Sharry ,

            We have sent an email to you about High Risk Merchant Account for Tech Support Business

            Many Thanks

          Rajiv · November 16, 2017 at 7:45 pm

          We are looking for tech support if you can send me all the details because we are start-up

            Bankim Chandra · November 24, 2017 at 2:37 pm

            Dear Rajiv,

            For startups, you must have a registered company and a Business Bank Account. If you need a solution for Tech Support then you must have a Tech Support website. Please Show all the services and plans on your website.

            We have sent an email and are waiting for your responses


          Sai Prasath · February 1, 2018 at 6:32 am

          I’m looking for an international credit/debit card gateway and also Echeck processor for my website. Kindly get back to ASAP.

            Bankim Chandra · February 4, 2018 at 2:47 am

            Dear Sai,

            We understand that you need a merchant account for your import-export business. As discussed with you over the phone an email has been sent for the required documents.

            We will initiate the application process for international credit Card Processing and USA echeck solutions after we get the pending documents.

            Hope it helps

          Rahul · June 24, 2018 at 7:04 pm

          Do you any payment gateway option for tech support, anything for card processing and echeck processing?

          We do 500k+ monthly.
          Please email us the details…

          Dear Rahul,

          We have sent you an email . Our team can certainly send your application to few processing companies for pre-approval. Please respond to our email if you have any questions regarding tech support payment gateway.

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