The Best payment gateway for tech support

Tech support is a High Risk Industry and if you run a business in this industry you need a high risk merchant account or payment gateway. The best payment gateway for tech support business is an echeck gateway. Many India, UK, Australia, USA and Canada based merchants are using the echeck /Check 21/ Check 22/ ACH or electronic check solution for payment processing.

Is the echeck gateway safe for tech support merchants ?

Absolutely. The echeck transactions are verified multiple times. This includes automatic and manual verification. The verification ensures the protection of the echeck merchant account for long time.

The Payments are done to the merchant on weekly basis. This process is very transparent and the merchant gets a complete control over his merchant account. The Payments are made weekly for low volume merchant and every 72 hours for high volume merchant.

Is echeck gateway a No charge back gateway ?

No it is not. The buyer can put claim on any transaction. The claim period is lot lesser than credit Card.

Is the echeck payment gateway Suitable for tech support companies operating in the USA ?

Yes. The merchants can accept payments from the USA. Tech Support Process company and Pharmaceutical companies can use this solution very well.

How to get a payment gateway for tech support ?

The steps are very simple. You fill a simple short application form and send it to us with the required KYC Documents.Our Internal Tech team will help you with the integration of the echeck gateway and ssl.The Accounts are generally underwritten within 72 business hours.

Is there any No Charge-back instant International online payment gateway for PC technical support business ?

There is no gateway or merchant account that offers such solution. With echeck the claim period is very limited.