Can I Print A Check Online?


Printing a Check online is possible if you use an Echeck solution, in other words, yes you can print check online. This solution is currently available in the USA. The Merchants get a PDF copy of the substitute check and then they can print the same using a Magnetic printer and deposit the same.

The Check 21 Act was enacted by the 108th US Congress on October 28th, 2003.(*Check Source at the end of this page)

The check image has the same value as a normal check and its revolutionary as the merchant don’t have to wait for the physical check to be mailed by the Buyer.

Most of the echeck solutions don’t ask for any setup or monthly fee. Our solutions work on Pay Per Transaction policy. Setup time frame is less than 72 hours and merchants from almost every nation can utilize this service.

We do offer echeck solutions to low, Mid and High Risk Businesses.

The Payment Process is very simple. Once a merchant gets the echeck account activated then he can start accepting transactions immediately. The Gateway will automatically check the following

  • Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Availability of enough funds to clear the check(Optional)

Merchants can accept the transactions by the following modes

  • Phone
  • Website
  • Email
  • Face To Face

With the echeck solution, you get verified checks in your email. These checks are in PDF format. You can easily print them using a magnetic printer and check paper. There are 3 ways of depositing these checks

  1. Deposit the checks at your Banks Teller counter
  2. Scan and upload them to your Banks mobile app. Most of the USA based banks do offer this facility.
  3. Scan the checks at any of the ATM of your Bank

If you have tried multiple High Risk Merchant Account Providers and still did not get a credit card processing solution then you must contact us to learn more about this solution.

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