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The Caribbean sea surrounds the Caribbean countries or region, and there are over 700 islands which make the Caribbean a beautiful place. It is one of the best sites to spend a vacation with a family or a couple. The love for Iceland, waves of the sea and the beauty of the resort draw the person to the city of the Caribbean. The economy of Caribbean countries depends on the oil, natural gas, fuel, bauxite gold or other natural resources. There are huge business potential in these sectors as well as resorts business, but at the same time, there is a lag of online payment service. Nevertheless, we at Quadrapay helps businesses to get Caribbean Merchant Account for their business. We have processor partners from the USA, Canada, European Union and other global countries, which helps almost each and every merchant with a reliable and robust payment solution. Stay tuned!

Is It A Challenge To Get A Merchant Account In Caribbean?

To be straight forward, it is quite challenging, but in the past, due to a lack of resources like internet connectivity or information technology expertise. But the governing authorities have taken the initiative and are doing well to connect the Caribbean regions with the internet. Go through the article here to know more about Unleashing the Internet in the Caribbean.

But we at Quadrapay have the payment processing solution for Caribbeans Countries. Our solution helps the merchant to accept payments via credit/ debit card in multi-currencies.

Caribbean Merchant Services

It is quite a challenge to get merchant services in Caribbean Countries. Most of the local banks of the Caribbean provide offline merchant services. The online processing solution is so lag behind in some of the Caribbean regions due to lack of internet connectivity. But still, somehow, we provide online payment processing solutions to Caribbeans. We also help merchants with US-based ACH solutions.

  • Online Payment Gateway For The Caribbean To Process Real-Time Payment: Our payment gateway solution easily integrates with your business site and helps you to accept payment online. A merchant can accept credit/debit card payments. A merchant can also be able to accept payments in multiple currencies and from multi-brands of the card.
  • Accept ACH: A merchant can also be able to process ACH payments through our US-based ACH solution. The payment gets processed through the ACH network, usually in batches.
  • Chargeback Alerts And Notification: Are you a merchant with a chargeback ratio of more than 1%? Then you should opt for chargeback alerts services. It helps you to reduce your chargeback ratio, which ultimately improves your sales volume. The service supports a merchant to build a good credit history and hence availing many financial benefits.

Haven’t Applied For Caribbean Merchant Account Yet? Time Is Running Out! Apply Today With Quadrapay!

The love of waves draws many people to the Caribbean, which makes the region suitable for businesses. Make sure the customer loves the city of islands with a comfortable payment experience. Apply today with Quadrapay to enjoy the smooth on boarding process. No matter if you are a resort owner or oil merchant or any businesses, we have the solution for almost every industry. Fill the pre-approval form onto our site, and we will help you with the best available payment solution for your business. Feel free to contact us.

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