Seven Easy Facts On CBD Friendly Payment Gateways

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CBD business is one of the booming business sectors across the globe. Yet it can be frustrating for a lot of business merchants to get a payment processing solution for CBD business. This can be because of the financial institutes or banks that generally rejects the application as soon as they see high-risk processing. But there are several payment processors that welcome business merchants that are operating high-risk businesses like selling CBD oil. Now with Quadrapay, you don’t have to worry about in terms of searching for CBD friendly payment gateways. We will search for the best payment gateway or processing solution for you and also assist you in on-boarding for the low-cost merchant account solution.

What Are The Features Of CBD Friendly Payment Gateways?

Accept all major types of cards: A reputed and reliable payment processor provide you benefit of CBD friendly payment gateway that allows you to accept all major types of cards. That helps you to expand more number of customers and as your customers can pay with diversified payment methods.

  • Low transaction processing fee: As a CBD business owner, you might already come to know that these type of businesses comes under the high-risk processing category. As there will be a higher processing rate for card solution CBD, but still we always try to look for the low-cost yet best and reliable payment processing solution for CBD businesses.
  • The facility for generating an electronic Invoicing: As the payment gets completed, a payment receipt is developed along with the digital invoice of item purchased by the customer. This can be easily shared with the customer, and one merchant copy is recorded into the system records.
  • PCI DSS compliance: The rise of the digital market has enhanced market capability. Along with that, it also encouraged the number of digital frauds or scams over the eCommerce platform. In order to provide a safeguard from these, CBD friendly payment gateways provide your fraud protective measures that assist you to be safe from fraudulent transactions. With the help of a CBD payment gateway that is operating under the guidelines and protocols of PCI DSS compliance, you can rest assured that there will be fewer chances of any such fraud.
  • User-friendly control panel: A user-friendly panel to monitor and manage all the ongoing and historical data of transaction makes the whole processing experience to the next level. This is helpful, especially for those business owners that are new to the online payment processing for CBD oil as they can understand it better without creating any hassles.
  • Recurring billing: CBD friendly payment gateways that are associated with Quadrapay also provides you with the solution for setting up a recurring billing solution. With the help of this, a CBD business merchant can offer recurring billing or say a subscription-based payment method for the purchase of products or services from their business website. This provides benefits for those customers that are willing to purchase a product, but not buying it because of not having that much amount of fund required or it can be a high-ticket product. In these cases, a customer can opt for a recurring billing method in which the funds get auto-debited from the bank account details provided by the customer at a fixed date for the tenure as mutual agreement by the customer and the business merchant for CBD.
  • Payment Analytics: As the online business starts to expand and grows with a lot of numbers of processing every day, there can be a little tricky situation for a business merchant especially for the merchants who are new to the CBD friendly payment gateways. But now with the advanced features of CBD friendly payment gateway, you can easily understand the payment analysis generated by the system, and further you can monitor each and every transaction quickly.
  • Accept Payments with multi-currency support.

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