How To Make CBD Oil Business More Secure Against Cyber Attacks?

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Safeguard Your CBD Oil Business Against Cyber Attacks!

CBD is one of the fastest-growing business sectors across Europe. The massive increase in demand for business growth also increases the chances of scammers and cyber attackers to breach your business securities and your hard-earned funds and efforts.
In order to safeguard your payments and CBD Oil Business website, it is vital to follow some essential security parameters as follows:

Keep Your Web Hosting And Website Management Tools Up To Date:

For a website, web hosting and management tools act as a baseline for a website. By updating your devices and plugins to the latest, patches not only provide you with better layers of security but also give you benefits of new features that can enhance your web development experience and work productivity.

Setup A Firewall:

A firewall acts as the first line of defense for your business network. That’s why for a CBD oil business merchant, it is crucial to set up a firewall and set customized rules to the incoming and outgoing traffic of your business network.

Use A Stronger Password:

This might sound silly, but as per the various surveys, the reason for identity theft and data breaches is because using common passwords like nickname, pet name, age of spouse, etc. or not using a stronger password. Such passwords are prone to be guessed easily and can be easily broken by brute-force attacks. According to the NIST “National Institute of Standards and Technology” policy of password states that:

  • Never use the same password again and again.
  • Passwords should contain a lowercase, uppercase, number, symbols, etc.
  • Never store a password hint in public, as this may attract hackers to breach your security easily.
  • If you forget a password, change it and keep the habit of changing the password on a yearly basis.
  • Start using 2-Factor authentication wherever possible. This way, it will give you a reminder and secondary credentials like OTP and custom approvals for login into your account.

Learn About Phishing And Protect Yourself From Scams! :

Phishing is an art of internet scammers in which an attacker can make a replica of your day to day referring websites. It can include video streaming, social media, email, in fact, your own business website (isn’t this sounds crazy!). This may consist of attachments to your mailbox containing malware, trojan horses, zero-day vulnerability exploits.

Start Using Reliable Antivirus For Your CBD Organization:

An antivirus or internet security software actively monitors all the activity of the system for any vulnerability. It protects from malware, viruses, worms, spyware, blocks phishing sites, and some also come with ad-blockers.

Have you ever seen an anonymous device connected to your network? It may be a Botnet!:

Botnets are the number of devices connected to the internet. Each and every device connected runs more number of bots. These botnets can be used to perform a DDoS attack which is also known to be a Distributed Denial Of Service Attack.
In October 2016, Dyn DDos attack was measured to be around 1.2Tbps and broken internet services across the US and Europe. It was one of the biggest and the scariest DDoS attacks followed by February 2020, where AWS defended 2.3 Tbps DDoS attacks, which could be the biggest DDoS attack and could have caused millions worth of resources to be damaged.
Conclusion: Keep an eye on your network and set rules on your firewall.

Use A 3D Secure Payment Gateway For Your CBD Oil Website:

A payment gateway is a must solution for a CBD oil business in Europe to accept payments from your business customers. Apart from the gateway, it is vital to always go for a 3D secure and PCI DSS advanced payment processing solutions that provide extra layers of security for payments.
Quadrapay is working with multiple payment processors across the globe to provide best in class payment processing solutions at lower prices.

To get a secure internet gateway for your CBD oil business in Europe, get in touch with us today.
We are available at [email protected] round the clock.

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