CC Payment Gateway

CC Payment Gateway

What Is CC Payment Gateway?

CC payment gateway or credit card payment gateway allows the business to accept credit card transactions. In today’s world of Electronic Commerce it is extremely important for every merchant to accept credit card and debit card transactions. If you are a business selling products or services online then you must integrate a cc payment gateway on your business website.

Which Acquiring Bank Should I Approach To Get A CC Payment Gateway?

Depending upon the type of business or the level of risk involved in your industry you can approach and acquiring Bank. You also need to focus on the type of transactions that will take place on your payment gateway. If you are going to accept International payments then you should apply with international acquirers. Surprise your application with immersion account consultancy like ours. The acquiring Bank will ask you to submit immersion account application with additional documents. These documents are :

  • Business License
  • Identification Proof of all the Directors
  • Cancel Check or Void Check of the business bank account
  • Address Proof of all the Directors
  • Business Plan
  • Domain Registration Certificate
  • Utility Bills of all the Directors
  • If, you are selling tangible products when the acquiring bank or the payment services provider may also ask for a vendor agreement or a supply agreement.

What Payment Options Do I Get When I Apply For A CC Payment Gateway?

If, You apply with any top-notch payment service provider That works with multiple card scheme or card associations when you are getting multiple payment options including well-known Credit Debit Card brands. As a merchant you must comply with all the terms and conditions of the payment service provider, acquiring Bank and all the card associations mentioned above.

Which E-commerce Platforms Are Easy To Integrate With CC Payment Gateway?

Most of the payment service providers to offer assistance in integration of the payment gateway with the merchant’s website so that they can accept CC transactions. Integrating a merchant account payment gateway to accept CC transaction is very easy If you are using any well-known E-Commerce platform like WordPress, Magento, open court, Joomla and many others. For well-known E-Commerce platforms, the Merchant account provider or the payment service provider will offer free plugins support. You may request the technical support team at the payment service provider company to assist you with the ready to use plugins. Your own house developer should find it very easy to integrate the same on the production website.

The more payment processing options you offer to your customer the more possibility you generate to convert your prospect into sales. Big brands to offer multiple payment processing modes to the customers because they want to offer flexibility and ease to the buyers when they are placing orders on the website. Some customers may be extremely comfortable using credit cards online but many of them would not be interested in revealing the credit card information online and in a situation like this if you have the e-check payment gateway connected to your website then the customer can type and their account number and routing number so that the transaction can go through. The echeck payment processing solution helps the merchants to accept transactions and offer the services to the customers without taking the risk of an extended charge-back period. The return period of each transaction is a lot lesser than that of credit card transactions. At present which AC is extremely popular in the United States of America. Merchants with bad credit facing problems in getting a CC payment gateway can also apply for a check payment gateway.

Does The CC Payment Gateway Seamlessly Integrate With HTML Sites?

HTML sites are easy to create and take less investment to set up. Most of the first generation websites that are still live on the Internet were made on Simple HTML. Almost every web hosting company offers the feature call web builder or page builder. This web-based application allows the customers to create their own website without having any technical knowledge. The drag and drop functionality of the page builder or site builder allows the customers to create a professional looking website in a very limited time. Customers can seamlessly integrate the CC payment gateway with the HTML website. Most of the payment gateway companies will help you with a simple HTML code that you can paste into your website and once you publish the page then I buy now button will appear. Your customer needs to visit your website and then click on the buy now button to process the transaction.

Do I Need A PCI DSS Certification For Getting A CC Payment Gateway?

PCI DSS certification compliance is the industry standard that ensures the confidentiality of every credit or debit card transaction. You do not need a PCI DSS certification are you using the services of a payment service provider. The reason behind this is that the customer will not place the credit card information on your website but he will be putting the information on the payment service providers page. Your website will only forward the order details and the amount details to the payment service providers transaction page. All critical information related to the credit card is typed in on a secure page provided by a PCI DSS complaint PSP.

What Is An Internet Merchant Account?

An Internet merchant account helps the merchants to accept credit and debit card transactions. It works pretty much like opening a bank account but the functionality of this account is limited to only accepting credit and debit card transactions. funds are transferred to the merchants business bank account at a fixed time frame that is decided as per the agreement between the acquirer and the merchant.