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What is a chargeback?

It is a buyer protection feature offered by Card brands. Cardholders call the card issuer to raise the dispute. The Card Issuer or the Bank recommends the cardholder to talk to the merchant first. In case If the Cardholder insists then the bank initiates a Chargeback Case. It sends the request to the merchant acquirer. Merchant then receives a notice and guidelines to prove his the case in a fixed time frame. Merchant acquirer sends all the evidence to the card issuing bank. After analyzing all the evidence the card issuer gives the verdict.

Chargeback Alert Solution for Merchants

Start getting real-time alerts and increase your profit by converting disputes into retentions. Extend the life of your merchant account by reducing frauds and chargebacks. The highly efficient dashboard lets you monitor all your descriptors. Ask us for a Free Chargeback assessment that will show the full potential of this solution. You can send us as many descriptors you want and we will send you the report for all of them.

Alert Solutions for PSP & Acquirers

Offer Alerts to your merchants and help them extend the life of their merchant account. Extend the life of your MIDs by implementing the solution at the gateway level. Contact us for more info. Merchant service resellers can add extra revenue by offering the alert solution to their merchants. If your Merchant’s Processing account lasts for a long time it means you get the returns and commissions for a longer time.


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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Chargebacks and Disputes

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