Chargeback Alerts & Notifications

Chargeback Alert solutions for Merchants and Payment processing companies. Increase your Profit by Reducing Fraud. Alerts and Notifications can help you to extend the life of your Merchant account and MID. Highly Scalable and easy to integrate solution.

Chargeback Alerts. Overview and Process Flow.

Chargebacks are special buyer protection feature offered by Card brands. There can be multiple reasons for disputes like that. The Card brand handles every unique reason with a reason code. Cardholders call the card issuer to raise the dispute. The Card Issuer or the Bank recommends the cardholder to talk to the merchant first.

In case If the Cardholder insists then the bank initiates a Chargeback Case. It sends the request to the merchant acquirer. Merchant then receives a notice and guidelines to prove his the case in a fixed time frame. Merchant acquirer sends all the evidence to the card issuing bank. After analyzing all the evidence the card issuer gives the verdict. 

Chargeback Alerts and Notifications for Merchants

Start getting real-time alerts and increase your profit by converting disputes into retentions. Extend the life of your merchant account by reducing frauds and chargebacks.

In case if you have multiple processors and use multiple MIDs then you can monitor alerts from all MIDS at a single control panel. Yes its so easy . The Chargeback Alerts can extend the life and reputation of your merchant account.

The highly efficient dashboard lets you monitor all your descriptors. Ask us for a Free Chargeback assessment that will show the full potential of this solution. You can send us as many descriptors you want and we will send you the report for all of them.

Chargeback Alert Solutions
for PSPs & Acquirers

Offer Alerts to your merchants and help them extend the life of their merchant account. Extend the life of your MIDs by implementing the solution at the gateway level. Contact us for more info.

Merchant service resellers can add extra revenue by offering the alert solution to their merchants. If your Merchant’s Processing account lasts for a long time it means you get the returns and commissions for a longer time.

Payment Service Providers and Merchant Acquirers can easily reduce the overall return and chargeback ratio by using CB alerts. This can also work as a shield for the MIDS. No PSP wants to burn their MIDs. Some PSP’s do charge the merchants for Predispute Alerts Separately.

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Quadrapay is a fast growing merchant services company located in india. Being Strategically located in Asia we have an edge to cater to the needs of various companies and businesses located in adjoining nations. Our deep alliances with Payment service providers in USA, EU and Asia gives us an edge over other companies in our field. 

Credit Card Fraud and Chargebacks.

There is a very clear correlation between Fraud and Chargebacks. After every fraud transaction, the merchant attracts the risk of getting a corresponding chargeback. Fraudsters don’t have to worry about refund request. Merchants must put in place chargeback notification and alert services to avoid financial losses. By using Near Real Time Chargeback Alerts merchants and Payment processing companies can avoid massive financial losses. Businesses can prevent shipping items that are ordered by using fraudulent transactions.

There is absolutely no cost to start this service. You can get a Chargeback Notification and alert account at zero setup cost. The only cost involved is the per alert cost. You pay per notification received. Once you get the notification then you can contact the cardholder and try to resolve the issue. If the cardholder wants a refund then feel free to initiate the same and share the cardholders approval and refund proof to the chargeback alert service provider. This can be highly effective if your customer base is in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other developed nations.

Soon this solution will be highly available in the developing nations including Asian, African, and Latam regions. The Setup and Integration process of the Chargeback Notification and Alert system is very simple and easy.

Apply Now for High Risk Merchant Account

Getting Started is Real Easy

  • Apply for Chargeback Alert and Notification Service by filling a single page form.
  • The Account is created without asking for any upfront charges.
  • Your Descriptors are added to your Alerts account.
  • Training Team educates you about the usage and functionality of the panel.
  • Account Mode set to Live - You start getting Near Real-Time Alerts.
  • You Pay for the Alerts separately. Alert Charges are not deducted from your High Risk Merchant Account.

Most common Chargeback Reason Codes

Disclaimer:- The above reason code explanations are for information only should never be considered accurate. For a Detailed and accurate information about all reason codes listed above look at Detailed Chargeback reason Code Guide here.

Product or Service Not Received. This code may also be implemented in case if the order was canceled by the buyer because of delay in product or service delivery.

Cancelled Recurring Transaction. This code means that the cardholder declined recurring transaction still the card was charged. Sometimes this may also be triggered if the cardholder is not informed in advance of the deduction. The Transaction was of a higher value than the one approved by the buyer.

Product or Service Received but of Inferior or Bad Quality. Product Not Genuine/Replica/Counterfeit.

Many Fraud Transactions on the same card. The Card Holder approved a single transaction but was billed many times.

Unauthorized Transaction – Card Holder Never Approved the Transaction.

Declined Authorization – The Merchant tried alternative ways to get the transaction approved after the initial transaction response got declined.

Card Not Valid as the Date of Expiry is not in future. Card Charged was expired at the Time of Charging.Most of the times this may appear when the merchant processes the transactions without getting Authorisation. Or Transaction done in offline mode.

Late Presentment of the Transaction Authorisation. Merchant submitted the transaction receipt after 180 Days from the time of Card Charging. Card Account closed within the days of actual charging and depositing of transaction receipt to the acquirer by the merchant.

Transaction Not Recognized by the Card Holder. Card Holder does not recognize the transaction or any of its element. These elements may be the amount, Transaction Date and Descriptor. Some of these chargebacks can be friendly chargebacks. But a very small percentage.

Duplicate transactions done. The Merchant made multiple transactions on the same card.

Chargebacks can appear anytime. It is extremely vital for any merchant to get alerts and notification as soon as any fraud or dispute appears. Merchants should avoid processing or capture the transactions before the product or services are delivered or shipped. Many Payment Processors offer the Pre-Authorisation facility that can be used to hold the transactions until the time the buyer receives the product. E-commerce merchants should be extra cautious about fraud as they face double risk and that is the product cost and the shipping charges. Extend the life of your Merchant Account – Reduce Chargebacks and Frauds.

It is vital for every merchant to detect fraud and reduce chargebacks. Return, Refund & Chargeback ratio can create a negative impact on your processing history. By using Chargeback Notification services merchants can convert disputes into sales. We are sure that you know that there is no chargeback free payment gateway or Merchant Account.

To reduce your loss and increase profit ask us for a Free Chargeback Analysis report. Stay ahead in the game by eliminating fraud No one wants to process sales that are executed by using stolen credit cards. Fraudsters want to do this every time. The best way is to get a notification from the card issuer in near real time. Dispute minimisation is a complex process. With the chargeback alert services, it’s a lot simpler for merchants.

Additional Services offered by Quadrapay

Apart from helping merchants in defending Fraud transactions by utilising top notch chargeback alert services it offers additional services. These include No Credit Check Credit Card Processing, Echeck and Business Funding.

You get the notification in near real time and then you may issue a refund or retain the customer. If sure about winning chargeback then represent the proofs to the merchant acquirer.

  • Step 1 : Card Holder Calls the Card Issuer
  • Step 2 : The Chargeback Alert company gets dispute information from the card issuer
  • Step 3 : Alert is issued to the Merchant with expected turnaround time for response
  • Step 4 : Merchant Notifies the Chargeback notification company about the resolution. The merchant sends the proof of Refund, Retention to alerts company.
  • Step 5 : Chargeback Alerts company send the information to the card issuer. In case of Refund and Retention, the dispute is closed.

In case if a merchant wants to fight the chargeback case the dispute is escalated to Chargeback.

Vital Benefits of using Chargeback Alert Service.

Chargeback and Fraud are the terrifying words of any payment processor. They are Taboo in the payments industry. Alerts can help you to keep your merchant account in good standing. It can be very effective in helping you to maintain a lower Chargeback to sales ratio. High Risk Merchants and Merchants with High Ticket Sales must use this solution.

Swift Integration – Nothing Needs to be done on your website. The tech and the training team offers complete guidance. Once the tech team gets the descriptors they can easily setup your account. Training team will help you to understand various features available on the dashboard. Our Chargeback alert solution is powered by a top notch provider. The network is connected with multiple card issuers across United Sates, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and many other nations.

Price Point - Zero Setup - No Monthly Fee - Pay Per Alert.

There is no cost to start with the notification service. Merchants only pay a fixed amount per alert. Setup and Integration takes less than a few business days. All we need is the filled Application form and the list of descriptors to get you started. If you are interested in preventing chargebacks then this solution is a must have.

With a massive network of participating card issuers you can expect better percentage of alerts. These alerts directly create an impact on the earnings of your company. You do not want your products to be delivered to fraudsters. Start Getting Chargeback Notification and Alerts Now

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