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Cheap Merchant Account Providers And How They Work?

Every business needs a cheap merchant account providers so that their credit and debit card payments can be connected for transactions through major banks and credit card ventures. Merchant account providers vary, depending on how much they offer and the cost and expenses.

This article elaborates on what cheap merchant account providers are actually and how can you find an ideal provider for your business.

What are merchant account providers?

There are major two types of companies that are referred to be primary merchant account providers:

  • Traditional merchant accounts
  • Payment service providers (PSP)

Now a PSP account type might suit small businesses that do not have to make large transactions on a daily basis. The transactional traffic changes when it comes to manage a big business like a grocery store or retail clothing shop.

This requires a different account type which can help in making the process of transactions quicker and safer, like a traditional merchant account. Every merchant account is evaluated based on processing fees, the cost, features, hardware solutions, and more.

If you want to know how to select the best merchant account for your business, then watch out for more in this space.

How to select the best merchant account providers?

When you are confused about selecting the best account providers, then here is what you should know for clarity to land on the best.

  • Affordable fees: 
    Cheap Merchant account providers should offer mid-range processing fees with transparent costing details so that you are aware of the overall investment made on such accounts and compare them. Once you find a cheap and reliable merchant account provider, go for it. For instance: In-store payment processing fee: 2.8%+ $0.10
    Mobile payment processing fee: 2.6%+ $0.10
    Online payment fee: 2.9%+ $0.30
    Hardware costs: $299 for POS terminal and $899 for a register
    Mobile reader cost: free for new account holders, $10 for additional readers
  • Additional features:
    Many trusted and cheap merchant account providers take care of their customers by providing them with additional benefits. This includes a functional and easy to use the mobile application, more software features, best in class e-commerce integrations, and customer management reforms. If your cheap merchant account providers offers these, then you can proceed without hesitation.
  • Credibility and reputation:
    When it comes to choosing the best dealer account providers, go for a trusted name that has been in the trade for a lengthy time and is no newbie. This safeguards your monetary investment and keeps your finances in safe hands. Such account providers also do not charge separate payment costs to their account holders on either of the transactions. (online vs physical transaction)

How do merchant account providers operate?

Even if you have a merchant account to accept a credit card, it is not enough. For heavy transactions, involving day-to-day payments, a strong and reliable hardware system is also a must.

Such hardware systems are apt when you need to accept in-person payments. Most people go for a point to sale or a mobile payment system(mPOS) for the same. Some cheap merchant account providers might sell limited pieces for the hardware of systems. Others would want you to collaborate with third parties for the same.

For accepting virtual payments, a virtual terminal is a must and the right software to create online shopping carts, and wish lists.

Do you need cheap merchant account providers?

In today’s time, when most businesses are shifting online for attaining more customer base and profit, a merchant account is needed to support the process. In the world of the internet, details can be stolen, and you or your customers can be victims of a scam.

In order to safeguard this transactional process and create a platform where customers can easily shop from your site, a cheap merchant account is mandatory. This protects your customer’s payment without them worrying about connecting their cards to your portals for payment.

Based on the kind of industry you wish to work in, your requirement for a cheap merchant account can be different. For instance, a retailer would want to have a reliable merchant account provider with a strong POS system. It should have an in-built card terminal for their customers, and it should be protected.

A small business might just need a mobile payment card reader. At the same time, other online ventures would suffice in a virtual terminal.


Many cheap and reliable merchant account providers offer their services as per your business needs and requirements. The article presents some of the most solid points that can help you land the best merchant account providers. Choose from the best and expand your business with profits.

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