Credit Debit Processing

Accept All Major Credit Debit Card transactions from domestic as well as international customers.

Echeck and ACH Processing

Accept Echeck payments from USA based customers. Get Virtual Terminal with every echeck account

Chargeback Alert and Notifications

Reduce fraud and increase the profit of your business by using chargeback alerts


Multi Currency Global Processing

Offer products and services in local currency to your buyers. Buyers prefer sites that offer multi currency payment options.

Zero Setup No Upfront Charges

Absolutely no cost to start . We do all the hard work to help you get approved without asking anything upfront.

Startups and High risk Merchants Welcome

Do not worry if your application has been declined by multiple processors. With the help of our global partnership with multiple payment processors you will get better results.

The transaction rate is normally termed as TDR or MDR. The Lower the transaction rate the better the solution. Most of the low Risk accounts can start processing as low as 2%. The Rate of transaction varies depending upon multiple factors like the industry and merchants risk profile.

it’s always nice to go with the processor which is recognized and has got a good reputation. We only work with processors that comply to the PCI DSS standards.

Most of the Canadian merchants would prefer to sign up with a processor that accepts card as well as electronic checks. Yes many of our Payment processing partners offer both solutions.

Canada and USA Based Processors offer payouts in the format of T+2 , T+3 where T is the day of transaction. Merchant account providers may put a delay on payout to reduce risk. For high risk merchant accounts the delay can be more than 7 Days

The onboarding time is very critical for any merchant because the merchant always wants the processing options to be available instantly. The underwriters at the PSP or the payment service providers office look at critical details to identify any fraud or nonlegal Merchant. In case if your application and the documents are clean and create a good impression in the minds of the underwriters then you should be approved real quick