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Get A Cloud Credit Card Processing Account

Businesses around the globe use Cloud Credit Card Processing to accept online payments. Many processors offer the facility to receive credit card payments online. Transaction information is encrypted to protect the confidentiality of the credit card details. Credit Card Processors provide a reliable method to accept International transactions also. In mobile payments, customers cannot receive Card Not Present sales. With Cloud Merchant Services businesses can take payments for Card Not Present Scenario. Business owners can integrate these payment solutions on their websites. The payment gateway connects with the merchant account to provide seamless payment processing. Payment gateway companies follow the PCI compliance to ensure data and transaction security. For Cloud Credit Card Processing account, then contact us at [email protected] We accept applications from large and Small businesses. Most of the Cloud Credit Card Processing options integrate with many shopping carts. To maximize your sales offer various payment methods to your customers. You can accept credit and debit card transactions on your website. You can also receive ACH payments on your site through a third party ACH processor. Many ach processing companies also onboard high risk merchants. Quadrapay works as a reseller for many online payment processing companies. Our relationship with various payment processors helps us in providing low-cost solutions.

Apply For Cloud Based Credit Card Processing Account.

For Cloud Based Credit Card Processing solution you will have to fill an application. In this application, you will need to give details about your business activities. Some common information includes.

  • Directors/Stakeholders Personal Information
  • Business Address
  • Business Registration Number
  • Website URL
  • Monthly Sales Volume
  • Largest Ticket Size
  • Smallest Ticket Size
  • Payment modes needed e-commerce or virtual terminal.
  • Preferred credit card brands that you wish to accept.

Apart from the information mentioned above the application may need more details. The processing company will also ask for KYC documents. Know your customer(KYC) documents are mandatory for any merchant account.

Website Compliance For Cloud Based Credit Card Processing.

Your website should also follow the recommendations of the processing company. Cloud Processing organizations usually reject incomplete sites. For Cloud Based Credit Card Processing account your website needs an SSL certificate. The website should talk about your business model. All products should have a clear description. Images should be as natural as possible. No prohibited items should be on sale. If you follow compliance requirements, then the chances of approval will increase.

Integration Of Cloud Based Credit Card Processing Account.

After the approval, the payment processor will send you the API information. This information can be in PDF format. Sometimes API information is also visible on the processor’s website. Your technical team will have to integrate the gateway on your site. Most of the times the credit card information is collected on a hosted payment page. This hosted payment page is on a PCI compliant server of the processing company. Some processors also offer free and easy to integrate plugins. Most common CMS platforms used are WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop. Most processors will send you the details about these ready to use plugins. In case if the processor does not have the plugins, then your team will have to create and integration code. With API documentation, your technical team can create integration code.

Quadrapay Can Help You With Cloud Credit Card Processing.

Quadrapay works with various payment processors. These payment processors offer advanced payment solutions that include.

  1. Mobile Payments
  2. Apple pay
  3. Android pay
  4. 3D Secure Payment Gateways
  5. Recurring Payment Systems
  6. Cross-Border Payment Processing
  7. International Credit Card processing

Our team will work as your consultant and help you find better rates for your processing needs. To get more details about these solutions, we request you to send us an email. You can contact us by writing an email to [email protected]. Our team will check your website and get back to you. with the details of the right processing organization. We do not charge any upfront consultation fees. We are the registered resellers for various processing institutions. Our job is to work as a bridge between merchants and cloud payment processing companies. We look forward to getting your inquiry so that we can assist you.