Commercial Virtual Debit Card: The Payment Solution For 2021

What Is A Commercial Virtual Debit Card?

Commercial virtual debit cards are the best move towards the smart company. They provide businesses with a secure and personalized way to make payments online. The users are allowed to make payments from the comfort of their home right from their desktop.

Commercial virtual debit card, as the name suggests, are created entirely online. It is randomly generated 16-digit with a card verification number and expiry date. They are similar to traditional credit cards, with the only difference being that all the transactions take place online. You are in control of making payments and choose the currency you need. You can also set the spending limit for the card.

Why Commercial Virtual Debit Card Is Better Than The Company Debit Card:

There are many drawbacks to using a company card as most of the business debit cards were not built for business purposes in the first place. These debit cards get used by many people in the company; hence we cannot keep track abut who used them.

In the case of commercial virtual debit cards, everyone can have their virtual debit card, and you will not have to share it with anyone else. There is no risk that your debit card will get stolen or get lost. As everyone has their credit card, you will have the information about who is spending online in the name of company money and can assign every expense to the right team budget. You can also set the purchasing limit so that nobody can spend more than they are allowed.

Benefits Of Using A Commercial Virtual Debit Card:

  • One-click Payments:
    The commercial virtual debit cards help you to make fast payments with just one click without any interruption or redirection. The card allows the users to pay by only entering the CVC and clicking only one button.
  • High Speed And Accuracy:
    The virtual debit card has high speed and accuracy that avoids all the slow and inaccurate payments that may or may not arrive at their destination. With the help of the cards, you can capture the digital information that allows all the payment data to get reviewed. The debit card provides with an accuracy of all the transaction information, thereby ensuring there are no delays or extra fees due to errors.
  • Safe And Secure:
    The benefit of having a commercial virtual debit card is the improved level of security that you receive. These debit cards are useful for making safe and secure online payments. You can even use the cards at a single time, and it gets expired after using them for one time. But, you must take proper measures while withdrawing and making the payments.
  • Improved Accountability:
    You can store all the information and details that allow fast entry of the payments if a company or business has recurring payments to the same beneficiary or multiple payments at a single time. The information and data, such as the number and purchase order, get stored that prevents questions from other companies. Storing these details helps you to follow the necessary rules and regulation requirements for customer information retention. As all the data and information gets stored along with the payment, the settlement time improves.
  • Complete Control Over All Transactions:
    Sending payments through the commercial virtual debit card ensures that your business is always compliant with the necessary regulations and maintains accurate information for all the payments.

How Can You Eliminate Fraud And Chargebacks Using Commercial Virtual Debit Cards:

Fraud and chargebacks are a common problem in the business industry and causing lots of problems. With these increasing frauds, the virtual debit cards tend to become a liability for the users, and they get reluctant to use them. So it becomes very important to effectively eliminate these revenue-jeopardizing issues and choose the best debit card possible. Some solutions provide fraud prevention programming that identifies fraud transactions. The new inventions like fingerprint scamming have minimized the number of frauds.

Commercial virtual debit card numbers usually have an additional level of security. If in any case, a hacker manages to hack and get hold of your debit card data and information, you have to just cancel the virtual card without needing to cancel your current debit cards and get a new one.


The commercial virtual debit card has many advantages and is the best choice for a secure, simple, and fast method of payment. You can save efficient time and effort and even make your transaction payments secure and safe.

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