Cosmetics and Skincare Merchant account

Getting a merchant account for cosmetic and skin care business has become extremely difficult. The primary reason behind this challenge is that many websites claim that their products make a difference in the skin color as well as the tightness. This claim is considered as a claim made by a pharmaceutical company. Payment processing companies have to follow the guidelines and regulations of various card schemes as well as government organizations. In few economies of the world sellers and manufacturers are required to have multiple licenses, If they claim that their product makes a difference on the skin. Having said that there are still ample opportunities for skin care and cosmetics merchants to get a payment gateway. In this article will understand various aspects involved in getting a Cosmetic merchant account.


The first step towards getting a payment processing solution or a Credit Card processing account for your business is to send an application to a payment service provider. You will have to submit a detailed merchant account application that includes all the information about your business activities. You will be sending this merchant account application to the Credit Card processing company or the merchant account acquiring bank. Along with the application form, you also have to send KYC documents. KYC documents for cosmetic merchant will generally include the

1. Business license
2. Void check
3. Utility bills
4. Business plan
5. Previous processing statements.

Apart from these KYC documents, payment service providers would also ask for the vendor agreement or supplier agreement. The reason you have to provide these documents is because you are selling tangible products. When you sell physical products, then it is essential for the payment service provider to know where you are sourcing the products from.

To improve the chances of you getting a merchant account for cosmetics or skin care products, we recommend you to send the composition of each product to the processor. If your products are certified by any agency, then you should also submit the certification of the product. If your product complies to an industry standard then you should send the compliance certificate as well. The more transparent you are, the more possibility you will get to be approved for a merchant account.

Remember for any payment service provider supporting a skin care merchant account or a Cosmetic merchant account is very challenging. We do not say, they can not do it, but if they have to do it, then they have to scrutinize your application to an intense level. This will include the credit check, and this may also include validating the claims made on your website. To be on the safer side, you should not claim anything on your site that is not possible by a product. Many applications get rejected because the websites claim something which the customer will eventually not get.


Once you send the application and KYC documents to the credit card processing company, then the internal risk and the underwriting team looks at all the details. They looked at all the facts mentioned in the documents and based on the facts they run different analysis and tests. Payment processing companies use services of different verification, and reference checks companies. These services help the underwriters to understand the creditworthiness, business model and reputation of the business. credit card processing companies closely observe all the pages of your website. They manually as well as automatically check each page. Payment processing companies may also note the traffic of your site. If you are claiming that you are selling a vast volume of cosmetics every month, but your website does not have similar traffic then there is a huge possibility that the payment processing company will not be comfortable in offering you such a high monthly sales volume.

If you are a startup merchant and you do not have a processing statement or credit card processing history, then we recommend you to put your monthly sales volume as minimum as possible. Put it as realistic as it is. So that the credit card processing company also gets into a comfortable position to onboard you. Apart from the document mentioned above credit card processing companies may ask you for additional materials. Whenever they ask you for other documents, we encourage you to respond to them in the quickest time possible. The reason behind this is because the underwriting team, especially at the high-risk merchant account providers, are extremely busy. Most of the times there are very few people and organization who handles the critical part of underwriting. These team members are highly paid, and the cost is very high on the organization. This is the reason why many payment service providers ignore applications if the merchant does not forward the required documents within a specific time frame.

To improve the chances of you getting a skin care merchant account, we strongly recommend you to send the complete application and KYC documents to the Credit Card processing company.


Once your account is approved, you have to Integrate the gateway to the website. Most of the times, skincare merchants do not get a virtual terminal or Moto option. These merchants only get the ability to accept orders from the website. To get this integration done, you may request your payment service provider for the API documentation. Your payment service provider will let you know how you can easily integrate the gateway to your website. Most of the times for skin care merchant accounts there are two different ways of integration. The first way is the API integration and the second way is the plugin based integration. A technical expert from your team can easily understand these integration steps if the API documentation is appropriately read.


Apart from getting a credit card processing solution for your skin care and cosmetic website, you can also look at alternative ways of accepting payments. Common alternative ways are ACH payment processing also known as automatic clearing house payment processing, echeck payment processing, and EFT payment processing. EFT stands for electronic fund transfer. ACH Payment processing and echeck payment gateways are extremely popular with skin care merchants across the United States of America. Many skin care website offers exclusive discounts to customers if the order is processed through ACH or echeck. This small discount encourages the buyer to purchase with ACH transaction. With ACH transactions merchant can save a lot of money on transaction fees. Along with that ACH also comes with a virtual terminal that means if the merchant is accepting orders over the phone then the customer can give the account number and routing number to the Merchant and then the merchant can submit these details into the virtual terminal for ACH processing.

Unfortunately for skin care merchant or cosmetic merchants, getting a virtual terminal is almost impossible if you are selling your products in Canada, then you can also look at EFT or electronic fund transfer system. EFT in Canada works pretty much the same as ACH works in the United States. These methodologies of payment processing are similar to other methods is like NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS. Apart from credit and debit card payment processing, there are multiple modes of transactions that can be used by skincare merchants. Many skincare merchants also use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for payment processing. If you are facing massive challenges in getting a merchant account for your skin care business, then we recommend you to contact us.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the approval primarily because the approvals are subject to the discretion of the payment processing companies but we can certainly try hard to get you approved. We recommend you to send us an email so that we can evaluate your website and give you correct suggestions. To send an email about skincare merchant account or cosmetic payment gateway, you can send the email to [email protected] our team will look at your website and will suggest you the modifications that can help you to improve the chances of approvals. Most of the times simple errors on sites can also decline your application. Especially if the application is from a high-risk merchant, then the merchant has to be more careful.

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