Credit Card Internet Processing

Credit Card Internet Processing At Low Rates. For EU, North America, India And GCC Based Merchants.

If you are looking to expand your business and planning to reach out as many customers as you can on the Internet, QuadraPay will serve you in the best possible way. With the availability of the various payment options, every business is entering into the new world of technology. We at QuadraPay will not only provide you with the best feasible credit card payment gateway integrated with debit cards, net banking & mobile payments which will be fast, reliable and secure.

If we talk in the simplest form, online credit card processing is the method in which a seller accepts customer payments, via debit/credit cards, directly through the online store. It is just as simple as swiping the card at your local petrol station, online shoppers also “swipe” while purchasing through an e-commerce site. Then the online payment is credited into the merchant’s account within a specific period of time. And the main difference between physically swiping your card and online transaction is, there isn’t a physical terminal to facilitate the transaction.

In the larger scale, online credit card processing is the process in which payment processing takes place over the internet. This chain of occasions needs a payment gateway and a payment processor to help move and share data across the web to ensure that you, the business owner, quickly and correctly receive customer payments. While we all know that the transaction itself only takes some seconds, but there is a lot of background work that comes into play.

And once you have a merchant account, accepting payments via debit/credit cards is not a big deal for your business. And to get the merchant account, QuadraPay will surely help you.

How Credit Card Internet Processing Works?

Do you know the average time taken to complete the online transaction? The average internet transaction takes only a few seconds. But between the customer entering his/her details to the merchant receiving the payment, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work. And while it may seem like a lot of data to be passed, having a decent knowledge of this process is particularly helpful as you begin to accept online payments of your own.
Let’s check the complete process, step by step:

  1. Initially, the customer submits his/her credit card information when placing an order through the online store.
  2. That data is encrypted (turned into a bunch of characters and symbols) and securely carried through the integrated gateway to the credit card processing company.
  3. Your credit card processor then submits this transaction data to the credit card network.
  4. The credit card network then forwards that information to the cardholder’s bank, which checks to see if your customer has appropriate funds to pay for the order and also run through different security means to confirm whether the order is correct, and not fake(for fraud prevention). If yes, the transaction is approved. If not, it’s declined.
  5. The cardholder’s bank then sends the approved/declined status to the credit card processor, which then reports that information back to the credit card processing company, and then sends that information back to the merchant.
    Once the merchant receives the “Authorized” message, the merchant can now provide whatever products or services were guaranteed in return for the payment.
  6. The customer’s bank then sends the adequate fund to the credit card network, who then passes the money to the merchant’s bank.

QuadraPay: Your Helping Hand With Internet Credit Card Processing

Having a logo of “Accepts Credit Card Payments” written in bold letters, gives you a plus point to attract the customers. We know that you might be marked as high-risk online merchants by some service providers, but still, we will look to your application, and then our well-trained team will decide on whether we can do something for you or not. As our primary focus is only on providing the best possible customer service, we will get back to you as soon as possible, once we receive your application. After examining the application, our team will forward your request to one of the service providers. Based on their understanding, they will contact you, and they will decide whether they will give you the service or not. And then all the agreements need to be signed with them only, not with QuadraPay.

So, if you’re planning to have a merchant account, come to QuadraPay, and give us a chance to serve you most skillfully.