Credit Card Merchant Account Service

An Overview – Credit Card Merchant Account Service

Every business needs a payment solution for its retail store or e-commerce site. For a retail store, merchants need POS solutions to process payments. For an online store, merchants look for various other solutions like credit or debit card processing, echeck processing service, ACH Payments. And hence to get paid by their customer they need Credit Card Merchant Account Service. Quadrapay Will assist you with a solution that will help your business achive lower transaction fees.

You must be aware that Merchant Service Providers are act as an intermediary between the merchants and the customers. They provide businesses with payment solutions to accept various forms of payments electronically.

For example, a customer purchases a product from an eCommerce store and uses his cards to pay off. The work of the merchant service provider is to transfer the funds from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account. The transfer of funds can be immediate, or it takes 24-48 hrs depending upon the payment method used. Please note that offering the Credit Card Merchant Account Service to a business the PSP/IPSP/ISO/MSP charges a fee that may include markup as well. Actually they have to have some markup and it’s reasonable but some charge very high margins. Quadrapay will help you find an affordable provider.

Services Offered By Our Credit Card Merchant Account Service Providers.

  • POS Systems: Credit Card Merchant Account Processor provides you with a POS facility, which helps you to take payment for your retail shop. They give proper training on how to do so.
  • PCI Compliant: Your Merchant Account also comes with this service which helps you to protect from online fraudulent and data theft.
  • Support For Secure Transactions: All the transaction are PCI compliant and secured with SSL protocol
  • Checkout Page: It is a web-page where billing information of your customer is saved. The checkout page is usually hosted by Merchant Account Provider, so you don’t need to worry about sensitive information.
  • Recurring Payment Support: Credit card Merchant Account also comes with recurring support. Merchants can charge their customers on a recurring basis.
  • Advanced Chargeback Management System: This additional service helps you to reduce your chargeback ratio.

How Merchant Services For Card Processing Works

  • The customer will pay by credit or debit card in your retail store or online site.
  • Customer either swipe his card into POS or put his card information into your site.
  • The transaction-related details are then sent off to the payment processor, who interfaces with the payer’s bank and the card networks. The processor will send the processing data to the customer’s bank, so the charge can be either approved or denied. It depends on the factor like card number is valid or not, the customer has sufficient balance in the account or not and other factors.
  • That approval status is sent back to the processor and then back to your checkout page.
  • You will then send a cluster of approved transactions for final settlement. At this point, your customer’s accounts will be charged, and the transaction amounts will be transferred to your bank account.

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