Credit Card Merchant Services In Singapore

Credit Card Merchant Services In Singapore
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Credit Card Merchant Services In Singapore. Start Accepting Local And International Payments.

Are you having or dreaming of business in Singapore? It’s something to excite you! Now even you can avail the facility of Credit Card Merchant Services In Singapore. Your company in Singapore can have the advantage of being served by as we have set our feet at your place as well. It implies that you would now be able to process instalments on the web or in your store without paying high exchange expenses.

Truth be told, numerous organisations around the globe are currently utilising our low rates and free items. You might be running or planning to run a retail location, an online business, or a portable business. We can enable your business to begin accepting Credit Cards for your items and administrations at incredibly low rates.

Singapore is developing in every aspect. E-commerce businesses are on their peak which requires online payment solutions. Banks and payment gateway providers are setting up merchant account facilities for online retailers. Merchant account offers solutions by the help of which an online business owner can process the online payments received from customers, clients or partners under a safe and secure channel. Setting up a merchant account requires some important requirements. Those include time, agreements and verification, especially when there are too many players in the market.

It’s a bit hectic for the business owners to understand various rules and regulations listed by the merchant account providers. But it is important to understand before signing the agreement for merchant account services. We assist them in overcoming these time-consuming hassles. We serve as a mediator between you (merchants) and the processing companies. We are there to help you select the right merchant account solutions to integrate with their business.

A merchant account helps retail operations as well as in online sales services. Working with reliable service providers, Quadrapay assists Clients set up high-volume merchant accounts in Singapore. It’s a bit difficult to accept payments in instalments with the help of debit cards.

Accepting Credit Card Payments are considered to be one of the best online payment methods. The present sharp entrepreneurs need the capacity to process Credit Cards however are burnt out on the high rates. trust that credit card handling on the web or eye to eye may not be a barrier for their progress. We are making it feasible for a wide range of organisations to acknowledge credit card instalments at the absolute most minimal rates in the business. We offer Credit Card Processing on no undoing charges. Merchants are allowed to utilise our service as long as they need to without being hit with undesirable expenses.

Advantages Of Singapore Merchant Accounts:

By establishing a merchant account, a company portrays a positive image to the customers, suppliers, dealers, investors, as well as venture capitalists. Have a look at given below key considerations when planning a Singapore merchant account:

  1. A merchant account enables a business to accept a wide range of credit cards. The list can include many more as a payment method from their online customers. Payments are received in almost all major world currencies and can be processed in 150+ countries across the globe.
  2. Merchant accounts in Singapore are a legal method to conduct business and keep profits. Credit card payments are processed and credited into a secure and private bank account that is easily accessible.
  3. We help in easy integration of Singapore’s merchant account solutions into a business website which are compatible with almost all shopping cart technologies using state-of-the-art payment gateways.
  4. Moreover, Quadrapay works with leading account providers across the globe, which offer full technical support to customers located anywhere in the world.
  5. If your bank in Singapore accepts USD checks then we can also connect you with echeck processing companies. With these solutions you can get checks in PDF format and then deposit the same in your bank account. Note:- You must first get a confirmation from your Singapore based bank if they are comfortable in accepting US Substitute checks.

How will Quadrapay help your Singapore business with Merchant Services?

Create a merchant account with to get low rates and Incredible items like an advanced payment gateway and payment processing systems. Our services will enrich your payment solutions by enabling you to start accepting major credit cards. Your bank accounts will reflect all your received payments.

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