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Credit Card Processing Canada

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Credit Card Processor Solution In Canada

Canada is one of the largest Country in the northern part of North America. It occupies almost 40% of the whole continent area. It has an enormous market to start a business.
Are you also looking to expand your business in Canada? It is somewhat easy for a Canadian to kick start. But what if a non-Canadian wants to register his business as an extra-provincial corporation in that province. Getting into a business is quite challenging, but you keep on passing every hurdle in your milestone journey. One of the challenges is a reliable Credit Card Processing In Canada. Being a Merchant you might also be facing challenges for getting one of the best payment solutions that can fulfil all your business needs.
Well, don’t worry, we at Quadrapay helps you to cross the payment solution hurdle with ease. We have partnered processor in North America, Europe and many other global countries. They can help merchants with domestic as well as Offshore Solution. Our payment processing solution includes Debit/Credit Card Processing, eCheck,  and ACH. 

Payment Processor And Merchant Services In Canada

There are many payment solutions or services a merchant can opt. The payment solution somewhat depends on your industry type. Might be you are a merchant looking for High-Risk Merchant Account in Canada or might be you are looking for eCheck Gateway for Canada. Quadrapay can help you with most of the payment solution you are looking for.  We can also help you with Credit Card Processing Solution in Canada.
Some of our merchant Services Include:
  • Low-Risk Merchant Account: If you are a merchant involved in a low-risk business, then you require a Low-Risk Merchant Account. Believe me; it’s too easy for a merchant to get it. You will get lower transactional charges, fast settlement and smooth onboarding. Merchants can also avail a Virtual Terminal with credit card processing.
  • High-Risk Merchant Account: To be very honest, it is challenging to get a High-Risk Merchant Account. Most of the processor even touch the application form for aa high-risk merchant account, but we do. Obviously, it requires a slightly higher transactional fee and rolling reserve as a risk mitigation factor.
  • Offshore Merchant Account: Sometimes, when merchants are not getting any domestic solution, Offshore Merchant Account is the best they can opt. The solution is attractive for high-risk industries as it offers a much higher monthly limit with smooth onboarding. But again, you might face a higher rolling reserve and chargeback fee with your offshore PSP.
  • Echeck and ACH: eCheck and ACH services are easy to get both for a low-risk business and even high-risk business. Echeck and ACH are the most popular form of accepting payments in the USA. Merchants can receive eCheck and ACH through Virtual Terminal or by offering an echeck form into their site.

Get Your Merchant Account In Canada With Quadrapay

Quadrapay have partnered in Northern America to help you. We understand your need better. We will help you to get your Merchant Account in Canada in as lower rate as possible. Let’s discuss some of the in-general fees to help you better.
  • Application Fee: No charge for your application. We will help you with all your satisfaction. We are known for our customer support
  • Setup Fee: We provide free setup and with an easy to integrate the solution. Our installation is hassle-free.
  • Transactional Fee: We charge merchants with fees as low as 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction or even lower in some cases.
  • Rolling Reserve: It depends on the industry type you involved, and only require if merchants are from high-risk industry.
  • Chargeback Alerts: The service is optional and costs you very low, per notification basis. We recommend merchants to go for it because it helps you to better manage your business and has a good impact on your income.
We have discussed some of the major fees a merchant should know. To get started, fill the pre-approval form onto our site. One of our experts gets back to you within 24 hrs. We will help you from documentation to final integration. And believe us, all the process is so smooth that your payment solution may even go live within 24-48 hrs.
If you have any query, get in touch with us at [email protected].
Happy Processing !!!