Credit Card Processing for Marine Services

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Credit Card Processing for Marine Services

Water transport is a massive industry. We can help companies in this sectors to get Credit Card Processing for Marine Services (MCC 4468). These companies are the backbone of international water transportation. Most of these companies are engaged in the transportation of Cargo, Tankers, and Passengers. This industry is considered High Risk. There are 3 Main reasons for this industry to be categorized as a High Risk Industry.

The Average Ticket Size. Business in this sector perform B2B Transactions, The Ticket size is very high. A higher ticket size means a bigger risk. This high ticket size creates challenges in getting Credit Card Processing for Marine Services. High possibility of Products to be Stolen and Damaged within the transit. (Shipping companies take all good measures to protect the products but because there are many parties involved in the entire transportation chain the products can get damaged and the purchaser may ask for refunds). Small Banks might not like working with larger ticket businesses like Marine services and Marinas. Small players may prefer to work with low risk industries. They usually refrain from offering High Ticket Merchant Accounts.

Credit Card Processing for Marine Services and Marinas

With the credit card payment processing option your business can accept orders fast. This creates a faster cash flow for the entire organizations. Credit card payments offer a faster solution in comparison to the Letter Of Credit. LC is cumbersome and Time-Consuming. high risk merchant services and processing companies prefer to work with industries like water transportation

Merchant Service Providers for Marine Services.

Most of the USA domestic acquirers will be happy to onboard a US-based Marine Services company. These Merchant service providers are fast for onboarding. The merchant can start processing most of the times within 2 weeks. Many cruise ships have been using a payment gateway and merchant accounts to run their business on a global scale. This industry has a massive number of SIC and not all SIC may be offered a Credit Card Processing Account. We work with International Payment Processing companies across the world. Our team can get positive response from most of the SIC.

So now, just check or look out for the best company among the companies that specializes on merchant account for ticket agencies. They will help you out in getting the best merchant account for ticket agencies that fit your need. By doing this, you can go online or move closer to ask from those that are into merchant account for ticket agencies business. You can help yourself by those process or other process that is easier.

Below mentioned are few SIC Types and codes in this huge industry

  • Organisations offering Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight(SIC 4424,442400,44240000, 442499,44249901, 44249902,44249903 )
  • Freight Transportation on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway (Mostly between US Ports and Canadian Ports, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway). (SIC4432,443200,44320000)
  • Water Transportation of Freight, Not Elsewhere Classified.(SIC 4449,444900,44490000,444901,44490100,44490101, 44490102,44490103,44490104,444999,44499901,44499902,44499903)
  • Deep Sea Transportation of Passengers, Except by Ferry(4481,448100,44810000)
  • Ferries. Small Ships used for Passenger Transaport(4482,448200,44820000,448299,44829901,44829902,44829903,44829904)
  • Water Transportation of Passengers, Not Elsewhere Classified(4489,448900,44890000,448999,44899901,44899902,44899903, 44899904)
  • Marine Cargo Handling(4491,449100,44910000,449101,44910100,44910101,44910102,44910103,449102,44910200,
    44910201, 44910202,44910203,44910204,449199,44919901)
  • Towing and Tugboat Services(4492,449200,44920000,449299,44929901,44929902,44929903,44929904,44929905)
  • Marinas(4493,449300,44930000,449399,44939901,44939902,44939903)
  • Water Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified(4499,449900,44990000,449901,44990100,44990101,44990102, 44990103,449902,44990200,
    44990201,44990202,449903,44990300,44990301,44990302,44990303,44990304,44990305, 449904,44990400,44990401,44990402,449999,44999901,44999902,44999903,44999904,44999905)

Marine companies can also use echeck or electronic check payment gateway. Echeck merchant account approval is a lot easier and can be started in less than 4 working days.
All the Payment Service providers we work with are reliable and globally recognized.

Merchants in Marine Transport Business can also use chargeback Notification and alert Services. There is no cost to start this service. Merchants only Pay Per Alert.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.