Easy To Get Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits Organisation

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Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits Quadrapay

Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits: The Solution You Need For Your NGO

Accepting the donation funds in cash seems to be easy. But it becomes very difficult to manage these funds in lumpsum amounts. And Nowadays, most of the people prefer to pay using debit cards or credit cards for any type of transactions. Even for an NGO or any other nonprofit organization. That’s why it is advisable to have a merchant services nonprofit organizations account with a credit card processing for nonprofits. With the method of accepting the credit cards online for the donation payments, you can attract more people who are ready to pay for your nonprofit fund collection organization.

Get A Merchant Account For Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits

A merchant account for charity organizations acts like a bank account, with the help of the merchant account offered by Quadrapay. You can accept funds through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, online payments for your nonprofit business with the help of credit card processing for nonprofits. There will be a very low processing fee that will be the applicable per transaction. The main benefit of having a merchant account to accept the funds is that it helps you to settle all the funds in the organizations’ bank account in very less time when compared to the traditional method of credit card for nonprofit organization payment processing.

Get A Third Party Processor For Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits Solution 

A nonprofit organization can also select an option of third party credit card processing. For the credit card processing for nonprofits, the processor selects the best of the merchant account solution that suits the most to accept the donation funds for your nonprofit organization. The third-party processor charges a processing fee applicable for the transactions. But they also offer several benefits like hosting a website so that the donors can give a review, providing acknowledgement and a customized page for the nonprofit organization.

Key Features Of Using A Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits With Quadrapay!

With the help of credit card processing for nonprofits, an NGO or nonprofit organization can accept payments through several payment methods such as:

  • Receive Donations In Time: The payment processing system is complicated for the individual, but with the help of expert payment processor like quadrapay, will make sure that all your donation funds are successfully settled in your organization’s bank account in time.
  • ACH Processing: Accepting payments through ach processing is also a good option. With ach debit, the funds can be transferred through the routing number. It also provides an easy feature to set recurring donation schedules for every month.
  • Credit Card Payments: Credit card is the most used payment method. It’s necessary to have a payment processing method to accept credit card payments for the donation payments.
  • Non Profit Payment Gateway: ¬†The nonprofit payment gateways are the first interaction point of the donor where they provide credit card details, and thus the gateway validates all the information provided by the donor. Quadrapay provides the solution of a highly secured payment gateway which follows the guidelines and regulations of the PCI compliance. So that you can be assured that all the payment information of credit card details are secured from any type of fraud.

If you still finding the solution for the merchant services and nonprofit merchant cash advance solutions, you can write to us at [email protected].

Happy Processing!

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