Small businesses need credit debit card processing .

Credit card processing for small business no monthly fee.

Every small business needs to process or run credit debit cards. This is possible with a merchant account or payment gateway.

How can a small business get a merchant account of payment gateway?

The small business needs to apply for a merchant account with a credit card processing company .The merchant will have to share the business info and KYC documents . Once the business documents are received then the underwriting team initiates the process of underwriting. The Underwriting is a very intense process and some times can take time. All the KYC documents and processing statements are analysed and then the account is approved .

Once the account is approved then the merchant can integrate the Merchant account or payment gateway to the website. API integration help is provided by our technical team. We do give help to all our merchants with API integrations

How much does it cost to use a merchant account for small business ?

Most of the accounts start without any upfront cost .

Can a small business accept payments without a merchant account ?

Yes . You can accept credit debit cards without merchant account. You may choose an aggregated solution and integrate the same on the website.

What is a credit card processing company  ?

Credit card processing company allows the merchants to accept the credit and debit cards online and via the virtual terminal.

How much does it cost to run a credit card ?

The rate of transactions start from .75% .

How soon can a small business start accepting Credit Debit Cards ?

The setup time is very fast for small business merchant accounts . In many cases it is just within few hours of application. The best way to a faster setup is to make sure that you send all the required KYC documents to the underwriting or processing team.

You have made a great decision to accept credit debit cards for your business . Let us know in case you need any assistance.