Dive Into Success With Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor 2021

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Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor By Quadrapay

Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor: Time To Beat Competitions

In this century, people are now getting aware of the power of digital currencies and advanced payment methods, especially now in terms of cryptocurrencies. With such trending popularity, these cryptocurrencies will soon start replacing payment methods that are currently active in the market like a credit card, debit card and other e-wallet systems. As these cryptocurrencies are based on the latest technology-driven system, implementing such payment methods in your diversified payment methods for business will make your business shine, as it makes your business more professional and active about the latest trends in the market.
But still, there can be several issues and dilemmas while choosing the right Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor for your business by own. We at Quadrapay know that. That is why here we provide with the right crypto-friendly payment processor for your business after an in-depth evaluation of your business so that you can achieve better sales and profits.

What To Expect From A Reliable Crypto-Friendly Payment Processor?

We at Quadrapay provides the best and most reliable payment processing solutions for every business sectors. Businesses that are under the high-risk category might face several issues if they try to search for payment solutions on their own. But with Quadrapay, all you have to fill a simple application form and send it along with the set of KYC documents. We will start evaluating your business and provide you with the best crypto-friendly payment processor out of the several available payment solutions.
With our associated crypto-friendly payment processor, you can take benefit of the following features:

  • Low-Cost Crypto Processing Solution: One of the primary reason that affects most of the small business merchant or startups is the number of processing charges that a merchant needs to pay for transactions. But with our crypto-friendly payment processor, you can take benefit of less processing charges for such transactions. These charges might be at higher side for a high-risk merchant, but still, it will be much cheaper than a credit card processing solution for high-risk business.
  • Quick Funds Settlement: The time for funds settlement for a crypto-friendly payment processing is much shorter if we compare it with a credit card payment processing.
  • Chargeback? What’s That! : Yes!, a chargeback is the primary reason for a business to get their processing services to get terminated with the card provider. But this not such a case in terms of a cryptocurrency payment processing solution. When a customer places an order through the cryptocurrency payment solutions, the same can not be reversed if a customer asks for a refund. This helps a growing business to get safeguard from fake disputes, and majorly reduces the number of refund requests on the orders being placed online.
  • Beat The Competition With Crypto Payment: By integrating a cryptocurrency solution with a reliable crypto-friendly payment processor, you can seamlessly accept payments for your orders with a crypto coin like other payment methods. There are a lot of customers that now actively looking for online business and retail stores that accept bitcoins and other famous cryptocurrencies as payment method. This can bring an excellent opportunity for you to attract those new customers towards your online business store. There is also no such geographical limitations in terms of cryptocurrency payments.

There are a lot more other features that are provided with a crypto-friendly payment processor. So, don’t think that much and contact us right now or fill the merchant application form to quickly get on onboard with the right cryptocurrency payment processing solution for your business.

For more information on cryptocurrency payment solutions, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma