Cryptocurrency Payment Provider Is Essential For Your Success

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Cryptocurrency Payment Provider

Looking For A Cryptocurrency Payment Provider? Get The Solution You Need Here!

Do you still think that cryptocurrency is another fleeting hype? Time to ripe the myths. Cryptocurrencies are the dominant trend in the payment processing system. While businesses are looking forward to solutions to help them expand their business, a debit card or credit card payment processing can act as a bottleneck for some business industries. By implementing a cryptocurrency payment processing method, a business can achieve several benefits of payment processing associated with it. Quadrapay is one of the trusted and reliable cryptocurrency payment provider. Contact us today for the right payment solution that is suitable for your business needs.

What Makes Cryptocurrency Payments So Thriving?

Cryptocurrency payments are just like another digital asset. The main reason that makes it more attractive towards many business merchants and customers is its technology and protocols. A Cryptocurrency is based on decentralized payment technology which makes it a more secure and fraud-free transaction. A cryptocurrency has no control of any government or authority.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Work With A Cryptocurrency Payment Provider?

A cryptocurrency payment works differently in terms of comparison with traditional payments. In the cryptocurrency payment method, a client pays through a wallet in which all the cryptocurrency are stored. There is no linking of credit card, or any other information is not required. There is no physical currency involved like INR, USD, EURO, etc. A cryptocurrency payment provider helps a business to easily accept and integrate crypto payments from their valuable business customers.

What Does A Digital Wallet Mean In Cryptocurrency?

A crypto wallet is a holding place where one needs to store digital cryptocurrencies. This can be either a software or an application. Majorly there are two types of decentralized crypto wallets:

  • Single Currency Holder: This wallet is linked to specific single cryptocurrency. This is best used for a customer or a business who operates with only a single type of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
  • Multi-Currency Holder: This type of wallets is used to store and operate multi types of cryptocurrencies. This is the best fit for a business merchant who operates their business online and has international customers. This allows them to easily accept different types of cryptocurrencies under a single wallet from the cryptocurrency payment provider.

What Are The Recommended Crypto Currencies By Cryptocurrency Payment Provider?

It is always recommended to go for the famous and most customer-friendly cryptocurrencies. These are the most preferred and popular cryptocurrency listed by the cryptocurrency payment provider.

  • Bitcoins: These are the most popular cryptocurrency. According to the expert’s analysis, around 5.8 per cent of people prefer to pay using bitcoins. It is the most prefered crypto payment method.
  • Ripples: These are the second most prefered cryptocurrencies. Around 2 percent of people prefer to pay using ripples. It is recommended to also accept Ripples as crypto currency payments. There are several chances that your business might attract those customers who prefers to pay using ripples stored in their crypto wallet.
  • Litecoins: A litecoin has around 53 billion dollars in circulation. It is expected that the litecoin cryptocurrency market will rise up a lot in future as the digital currencies are taking over payment methods right now.

There are a lot more features associated with cryptocurrency payments. So don’t wait for that much and contact us. We are the best cryptocurrency payment provider because we provide the right solution that actually fits your business requirements.
For more information on the cryptocurrency payment provider, reach to us at [email protected].

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