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If you are searching for a High Risk Merchant Account, then the chances are that many payment service providers have declined your merchant account application. You still need a Credit Card processing solution, and you might even find one by contacting different High Risk Merchant Account Providers for Offshore Payment Service Providers.

Honestly, it’s not a very big challenge to get a High Risk Merchant Account. These days for many Industries there are different options available. Of course, it does not mean that every merchant from every industry will find a Credit Card processing solution. Merchant from prohibited sectors will always find it impossible to get a Credit Card Processing Solution from reliable payment service provider companies.

Having said that let’s look at a critical factor that plays a crucial role in maintaining your High Risk Merchant Account in good standing for a long time.

Customer Service Offered by High Risk Payment Service Providers.

Yes, you heard it right I am talking about a vital element of every business from any industry. We know that the customer is the king and if we don’t treat the king well, he can spend his money somewhere else.

If you are a high risk merchant account holder, then you must work with payment gateway companies or the merchant account providers that offer excellent services to you. Customer care is critical. Delay in integration or a delay in resolving any transaction related issue may cost you money. You may lose customers as well. Who in the age of broadband and fiberoptics even have the time to wait. As a critical observer of the industry you are in you must work with a High Risk Merchant Account provider that offers round the clock customer service over different modes like phone, email, chat or online ticket system.

Customer Service Offered by High Risk Merchants

No matter what industry you are in you must offer reliable customer service to your clients and buyers. Even if you are using one of the best payment gateways or merchant account issued by any of the topmost ISO’s, MSP, etc. but if you are not offering excellent services to your customer’s, then the chances are that you may lose revenue, reputation and even your credit card processing solution. To avoid challenges like that, you should ensure a proper standard operation process(SOP) that is followed by the team members of your customer care department. Process driven organizations do better than a person driven organization. Implement best practices and closely monitor the reports from your customer care team, Many modern CRMS like Zoho and Salesforce can also help many high risk merchants in maintaining proper communication with clients.

We recommend you to create the customer care SOP by keeping these factors in mind.

  • Decide turnaround time TAT and SLA for each issue type.
  • Acknowledge to the customer that you have received the query and your team is working on it.
  • Send notifications to the customer about the development of issue resolution.
  • Regularly monitor the activities of your customer service team concerning quality analysis
  • Implement MIS tracking to identify the key areas where the customer service team needs to focus more.

Payment processing companies are usually prominent organizations with a massive team that handles customer service and customer care. The chances are that your payment service provider will undoubtedly offer excellent customer service to you. Now it’s your responsibility to take care of your customers so that they are satisfied and they do not create challenges for you by putting chargeback and refund requests. As a High Risk merchant, you understand the problem a high chargeback ratio can create for your merchant account.

Traditionally Industries like Adult, Binary, Charity, Cryptocurrency, E-cigarette, Vapes, Education, Freight forwarding, Dropshipping, Legal Gambling, Hotels, Motels, Marketplaces, MLM, Online Pharmacy, Sports Club, Payday loans, Subscriptions, Travel, and Trial attracts high chargebacks. High Chargeback ratio is one of the core reasons why merchants from the above-listed industries must take all measures to maintain good relations with buyers. If the buyer contacts the merchant chances are that the merchant may either convert that issue into retention or refund. In case if the cardholder holder contacts the card issuing bank then it creates a challenge for the merchant as well as the Acquiring institution. You as a High Risk Merchant Account holder understand how critical chargeback ratio is. A strong customer service team can be helpful.

We at recommend merchants to resolve the issues of customers with compassion and swiftness. It can certainly help organizations in maintaining a super fantastic relationship with esteemed buyers. No matter if you process ach payment or accept cards online the above mentioned tips will help you. We are pretty sure that you understand that every customer eventually is a building block of your company. A satisfied customer can be hugely profitable for you.

For more information about High Risk Merchant Accounts and queries related to payment processing, you can write an email to us on [email protected]. You can also call us on +1 6318321773.

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