Customer Service – Key To Success.

Merchant Account Growth With Customer Service

In the world of e-commerce and global sales, organizations compete with each other at extreme levels. A few decades back merchants were lucky to have loyal customers. In today’s world things have changed. No matter what product your selling you will face competition. You will face competition from the most successful players as well as startups in your domain. Although there is a massive competition, still it’s quite common to see small organizations grow into large corporations. The vital reason behind the success story of each small organization is hard work and efficient customer relationship management.

To manage the relationship with customers efficiently small business owners can use different tools. There are many customer service tools available for free. In this article, we will talk about the top means that can help you to manage customer service for your small business efficiently.


One of the most common tools used by almost every business in the world. The best approach to use email would be to respond to queries as soon as possible. Sometimes if you do not have a resolution to the customer’s question, you can also send a status update mail that recommends the customer to wait for some time. You can also assure the customer that your support team is working on customers query.

There are many CRM solutions available online including Zoho, Bitrix24, Salesforce, and Pipedrive to name a few. Many of these CRMs offer a free trial or free accounts. For small business free account may work like a charm. Premium accounts are also not very expensive. Zoho One, for instance, does offer an excellent solution for small businesses. With Zoho One, you get multiple services at the price of one subscription. Zoho one helps you to get CRM, Chat software, Accounting software, Newsletter and many other products that can help you to manage your business efficiently.


Customers like to get immediate solution to the problems. An email is an option, but a better choice would be to use a chat application. We recommend you to look at It offers a free subscription to businesses of almost any size. The dashboard of offers sound notification. Whenever a visitor visits your website, you hear a ring on your computer. It also gives you the information about the city, IP address and the temporary surfing behavior of the visitor on your website. With these pieces of information, you can easily understand what precisely that customer is looking for. With you can see what the customer is typing on the chat application before he hits the send button.

Before making the buying decision, many customers prefer to review the background of the company. The most common way to check the authenticity of the company is to look at its social media profiles. Even if you are a small business which has just started the operation, we strongly recommend you to manage your social media profiles correctly. You do not have to spend money to create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. The reason we recommend you to manage your social media profile is that customers may review your profiles before making the buying decision. Sometimes customers may also try to connect with you over social media. If you are active on social media, you will be in a better position to respond to customers query. You should also keep in mind that most of the times if the customer is not happy with your service then there may be a possibility that he may share his experience on different social media websites. If your team is efficiently managing your social media presence, then these negative reviews can be easily handled.


People who use your products are the best critics. It is a good idea to request customers to participate in small surveys. These surveys may help you to understand the customer’s real experience with the products. These simple survey can also help you to make product improvements. One of the most popular online survey platforms is SurveyMonkey. With the free plan, you can ask up to 10 questions on each survey.


The newsletter has always been considered as a tool to market new blog posts and products. In reality, you can use newsletters to improve customer satisfaction as well. A simple way of effectively using the newsletter to enhance customer satisfaction would be to send details about an online survey regarding the product. With newsletters, customers can click on the survey link and participate.


You may offer some freebies to you returning customers. If you are running an online eCommerce website, then you can easily track you returning customers. Launching a loyalty program and offering surprise freebies at the time of checkout may help you to improve the relationship with your customer.

Lucky Draw.

Just like offering freebies to you returning customers you can also provide a lucky draw for new customers. The lucky draw may help you in getting more loyal customers.

Featured content. buyers can post the pictures of the product once they receive it. It is a fantastic feature you be surprised to see how many customers post the photos endorsing products purchased from On your website, you can try to do something similar to it. You may also ask your content creation team to select the top 10 reviews done by your customers and post it on the homepage of your website.

Now that we have discussed many tools that can help you to manage customer service let me also remind you that it is vital that you maintain a good relationship with your customers so that your merchant account stays in good shape. You may be using a Small business merchant Account, Low Risk Merchant Account or a High Risk Merchant account but eventually, if your customer is not happy you will start getting chargebacks and refund requests. I am sure you are not interested in seeing a vast number of chargebacks. Small steps of yours taken to create a fabulous relationship with your buyers will ensure a longer life of your credit card processing account. feel free to let us know if you need ach processing payment gateway or online credit card processing account. The team at Quadrapay will be happy to assist you. Send us an email on [email protected].