Cyprus Merchant Account: Top Brilliant Reasons You Need It

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cyprus Merchant Account By Quadra Pay

Credit Card Processing Gateway And Cyprus Merchant Account

Cyprus is an excellent destination for entrepreneurs. Business owners from different countries prefer to start operation in Cyprus. It offers world-class infrastructure along with a talented pool of resources. This combination help organisations to grow out at global levels. Cyprus is a multicultural country. It is easy to find people from different nationalities doing business in Cyprus. It is becoming a financial hub in the European Union. The reason why Cyprus merchant account is becoming popular is that of the relax tax structure and the ease of business. Cyprus is also one of the fastest-growing countries in the European Union. A massive number of Cyprus businesses offer services to the global audience.

To make International sales they need an International merchant account. A merchant from Cyprus can apply to local banks. They can also apply to International payment processing companies located outside Cyprus. Businesses may sell these services at a one time fee or can accept subscription payments. The 3D secure payment gateway helps protect the transaction data. With credit card payment gateway merchants can accept orders from many countries. They can sell their services and products to developing countries in Africa and Asia. Our merchant acquiring partners offer multi-currency gateway. This allows merchants to sell in more than 100 countries. Merchants can accept payments from the website, payment link and Virtual Terminal/Moto.

High Risk Merchant Account In Cyprus

Quadrapay has solutions from High Risk Acquiring institutions also. These processing partners offer cost-effective credit card payment processing facility to many industries. Some industries that need High Risk Merchant Accounts in Cyprus or Cyprus merchant account are these:

  1. Crypto Currency/Bitcoin Exchanges
  2. CBD Oil
  3. Remittances
  4. Public Sectors.
  5. Adult Products
  6. Nutraceuticals
  7. Professional Services
  8. Essay Writing
  9. Travel
  10. MLM
  11. Voip
  12. IPTV(Echeck Only)

International Payment Gateway In Cyprus And Integration

A merchant account can be connected to the sales website. After that, the customers can visit and place orders online. The payment service provider gives the API information to the merchant. With API, business owners can connect their website to the payment processors gateway.

ACH Payment Processing Solutions For Cyprus Based Businesses

Cyprus merchants accounts that are selling in the United States should look at Echeck Gateway Also. With echeck payment gateway, merchants can accept orders over the website and phone. The echeck payment processing solution comes with API and virtual terminal/Moto. The payment service provider makes settlements to the Cyprus merchant account every week.

Chargeback Alert Services For Cyprus Merchant Account

Every merchant struggles with refunds and chargebacks. The best defense can be to install some chargeback defense service. We can recommend chargeback services to merchants from different verticals. With Chargeback alerts services, merchants can reduce the Fraud and return ratio. A reduction in Fraud and return ratio ensures a higher profit.

Application Process To Get A Cyprus Merchant Account

The application process is simple. We will send you an application form with the list of required documents. These are KYC documents or know your customer’s documents. Some organizations also referred the same as KYM or know you merchant document. Once we receive the application and KYC, our internal team will audit your website and APP. Then they will send the form to the right payment processor for your business. You will receive the merchant account agreement once the processor says yes. After analyzing all the clauses in the agreement, you can sign it and send it back to the processor. The processor will then activate your merchant account for payment gateway. After that, you’ll be able to integrate it into the site, and you will be ok to accept the credit card transactions.

For more information on Cyprus Merchant Account, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
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