cyprus Merchant Account By Quadra Pay
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Cyprus Merchant Account

Payment Gateway cyprus

Cyprus is a great destination for entrepreneurs. Business owners from different countries prefer to start operation in Cyprus. The country offers world class infrastructure along with a talented pool of resources. These combination help organizations to grow out at the global level. Cyprus can be considered a multicultural country and it is easy to find people from different nationalities living and operating the business in Cyprus. It is becoming a financial hub in the European Union. The reason why it’s becoming popular is that of the relax tax structure and the ease of business. Cyprus can certainly be considered one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union. A massive number of businesses operating in the country of Cyprus offer product and services to the Global audience.

To accomplish International sales they need an International merchant account for this service based business. Merchant from Cyprus can apply to the bank and payment processors located in the same country. They can also apply to International payment processing companies located outside Cyprus. Businesses may sell this services at a one time field or can also accept the subscription based payments. Most of the solution used at this point in time or 3D secure. The 3D secure solution helps to protect the transaction data as well as the data of all the parties involved in the transaction.

With the help of credit and debit card payment processing solutions, merchants located in Cyprus can easily accept payments from countries like United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand & another developed economies. They can also sell their services and products to developing countries in Africa and Asia. Some International payment processing companies offer the flexibility of accepting payments in multiple currencies and also allow the merchant to sell in more than 100 countries. Merchants can accept payments directly from the website or can also accept payments by a payment link sent the email to the customer.

International Payment Gateway in cyprus

A Credit Card processing account or merchant account can be easily integrated to the merchant website. When the system is integrated to the merchant’s website, customers can directly visit and place orders. The API information is shared by the payment service provider. With the help of the API documentation, business owners can swiftly connect their website to the payment processors gateway.

ACH Payment Processing Solutions For Cyprus Based Businesses

Businesses operating in Cyprus selling their products and services in the United States should look at the alternative payment mode that’s also known as Echeck payment processing. With an Echeck solution business owners can accept orders over the website and also over the phone. The check payment processing solutions come with API and virtual terminal also known as Moto. Merchants are paid weekly by the payment service provider.

Chargeback Alert Services For Cyprus
Based Merchant

Every merchant struggles with refunds and chargebacks. The best defense can be to implement some sort of chargeback defense service. We can recommend chargeback services to merchants from different verticals. With Chargeback alerts and notification services, merchants can reduce the fraud and return ratio. A reduction in Fraud and return ratio ensures a higher profit.

Application Process To Get A Cyprus Merchant Account

The process of application is simple we will send you an application form with the list of required documents. These documents are called KYC documents or know your customer’s document. Some organizations also referred the same as KYM or know you merchant document. Once we receive the application and the documents at our internal team will audit your website and send the application to the right payment processor for your business type. Once your account is approved internally by the processor, you will be getting a merchant account agreement. After analyzing all the clauses in the agreement, you can sign it and send it back to the processor. The processor will then activate your merchant account for payment gateway. Once this is done you’ll be able to integrate it into the website and you will be ok to accept the transaction.

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